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Happy Birthday to Tripscribbles!

2016 is the 10th year year of my travel journal & photography.

It all started as “polkadotjobs” (referring to my bouncing around from job to job to help pay for travel as well as those pesky annoying mundane expenses in life) when my girlfriends wanted me to email them pictures of my travels.  It seemed easier, at the time, to create a simple website.

Ten years laters & a name change to “tripscribbles”, I have a record of more than 200 pages, thousands of photographs & tons of super great memories.  

Over the years more than the name has changed....my “traveling’ girlfriends group, which went on so many laughed filled journeys, has disbanded; I miss the camaraderie we all shared.   Jill, still manages to meet me in the summer in Crested Butte, which has now become our new “wonderful” time together & I hope it’s a tradition that continues over the years.

My drive to travel has ramped up to warp speed over those ten years too.  While I’ve yet to make it very far out of the US, I’ve done more trips for longer periods of time--up to two months-- & many, many more trips by myself.  
I have fallen in love with the ‘road trip’ & feel super-naturally connected to my 4Runner.  With my bike & bed in the back, I feel like I can go anywhere & want to go everywhere!

I spend my ‘home time’ reading blogs & books written by others that feel the same ever-constant pull of the road.
And as far as polkadot jobs?  I’m still bouncing in & out of work places...& probably always will be! 

This 10th year also includes some ‘growing pains’ for the website.  For the second time in 10 years, I have rebuilt the site using a different program.  Long story, but it’s either use another program, or lose it!  So, 2016 will have a new look & as always, there will be a few tiny mistakes (I’m sooo not a perfectionist).  But the upside for me in doing all this work, is I get to revisit—even if virtually— the magnificent places I’ve been & super awesome experiences I’ve had.  While pounding away at the keyboard (for hours & hours) & learning a new web program, I’ve laughed, smiled often, a few times felt sadness, but mostly I've  been “wowed” all over again.

Wishing 2016 brings us all great travels & adventures
…& that we say YES! to them!

Travel is my muse.  

The journey my education.  

The destination, my dream.

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