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I sometimes consider that if the New Year came during the summer months, rather than the winter months, my thoughts would be from a whole different place.  This is probably true in the literal sense, since that’s usually when I’m traveling (yay!), but also in the figurative sense….my thoughts are more upbeat & lovely when I’m traveling, hiking, camping & meeting new friends.

However, I had a spectacular 2016 traveling!  I still haven’t made it out of the country very far, but those hopes & intentions have only intensified, even if I don’t have any definite international adventures booked. I managed a third year in a row for 100+ nights camping out of my car which means I had awesome road trips!  I was able to explore new places & find excitement in old familiar places.  I made new friends…which is always spectacular!

I also added a blog page to the website called ‘iN-beTweeN’ & have really enjoyed writing while at home.

So, what’s in store for 2017?  

I start off the new year heading to Florida in early January to celebrate Claire’s 2nd birthday! (wow…that went fast but what a fantastic two year’s its been with her in our lives!).  I’m staying in Florida for another 8 days to take a long overdue girls trip that I know that will be filled with laughter, good conversation & fun!

That leaves another 11 months…so far unplanned.  I’ve been considering where I’ll go & what I’ll do during my ‘travel season’ & ‘mountain time’.  I should probably pick up some work between now & then & make some money, but that seems to be the really huge thing I suck at in life (#bigfail).  And, while it’s become kind of a joke among family & friends, & I think no one really believes me when I say… I would really love to find something that finally worked: fit with my life & abilities & that I could make a purposeful contribution to.  It’s the journey I’m pretty unsuccessful at taking (although I’ve been down countless—seriously—countless paths to many job-related dead ends.)

I read a lot of travel books & blogs & follow a ton of FB pages & Instagram accounts of other travelers & super enjoy them.  I was reading an article about long distance trail hiking the other day & felt a jolt..my little heart went PITTER-PATTER!  Now, I’ve been reading about the AT, the PCT & the CDT, among others for the past 20 years…way before they became popular, crowded & filled with crazy permit systems.  There was a time I had the AT on my radar, but not anymore.  I’ve had the John Muir trail & the Colorado trail on my list for awhile though.  But when I felt that last burst of interest & spark of wonder, it wasn’t for any of those trails.  I’m not exactly sure what was going on, but it’s an idea with pursuing.  I haven’t backpacked for about three or four years & it’s been ages since I’ve done it alone.  To take on any length of trail would be way out of my comfort & current physical zone & dead center in the middle of my fear zone.  But…it’s never good to douse our wonders with buckets of doubts.

If you’re an adventure-seeker & love to travel, I hope 2017 brings lots of exploring & wandering…in the US & abroad!  And for everyone--travelers & home-bodies-- may we always have family, old & new friends, laughter, peace & love surround us!

Happy Happy 2017!

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Travel is my muse.  

The journey my education.  

The destination, my dream.

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