I am in awe how fast this year has flown by.  I believe it’s true that as one gets older, time goes faster.

I feel very, very grateful that this was another good year…everyone is healthy, my kids are all happy, Claire is amazing & we’re going to have another grand baby in early February!  I was also able to travel a lot this year…although, it never seems enough as there is always a burning desire to see more beautiful places, meet new travelers, chat with awesome locals, do more & more hikes & enjoy experiences in this fast moving fleeting life.  

There are some travel plans on the calendar as this new year begins….a birthday trip (it’s a big number & while I don’t embrace getting older, I definitely love being alive & any excuse is a good reason to travel!) to California in January; a trip to Florida in February to meet our new grand baby & spend time with Sara, Kevin & Claire; & a long weekend in Texas in April that should be pretty interesting, different & fun, followed by a few days exploring someplace new.  As always, I have many trips planned in my mind, places I’d love to go this Spring & Summer & Fall…I’m determined to make those happen.

I’m still enjoying writing  ‘iN-beTweeN’ but would always rather be writing about my trips (because one is just words & the other is memories of experiences!!)

The beginning of this year, finds me without a long list of resolutions, but just a short & simple few:  To stay in shape so that I can keep doing all the things I love to do; to travel more & more & more; & to be a better person—both to myself & to others—than I was last year.

I fell in love with a new author this year.  I only discovered Katie Lee because I read her obituary online…I’d never heard of her.  I’ve read several books/articles about her since her death.  She was wild, crazy, talented & had a passion for the Colorado River.  Her writing is like a beautiful dance that you don’t want to end; describing these amazing & magnificent places to perfection. I especially love this quote from one of her books: 

"These scenes are mine to keep. A gift like no other I’ve ever owned” 

Thats how I feel about all the spectacular places Ive seen, the experiences Ive had, & the moments that stick with me all the time…they are gifts.  I hope you receive many, many gifts of beauty, love & experience this year!  I can’t wait to see what adventures I can create & the spontaneous ones that create themselves in 2018!

Today is the oldest you’ve ever been & the youngest you’ll ever be.

Live life to the fullest today.  

With no regrets.

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