Claire!…Florida 7.2016

We’re trying to see Claire at least once every three months….she has changed so much just from when I saw her in Utah in May!  She is so much a toddler…no longer a baby.  Talking & doing & understanding so much!  We had a blast with her & it won’t be soon enough to see her again!

IMG 1102.jpg IMG 1131.jpgIMG 1124.jpgIMG 1143.jpgIMG 1156.jpgIMG 1158.jpg

Funny Faces!

IMG 1178.jpgIMG 1188.jpgIMG 1203 (1).jpgIMG 1203.jpgIMG 1214.jpgIMG 1228.jpgIMG 1227.jpgIMG 1227 (1).jpgIMG 1241.jpgIMG 1247.jpgIMG 1250.jpg IMG 1254.jpg IMG 1255 (1).jpg IMG 1255.jpg IMG 1273.jpg IMG 1297.jpg IMG 1315.jpgIMG 1305.jpg IMG 1323.jpg IMG 1361.jpg IMG 1364.jpg IMG 1367.jpg
IMG 1372.jpg

We had so much fun…reading, at the park, playing with her toys, fun with water…all of it was just perfect…it’s just never long or often enough.  Saying good bye is always so hard!  But I’m so grateful for the time we have with her…always!

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