Happy Birthday to me…Florida 1.2011

happy birthday...to me!                                                            day 1 - 1.15

this morning began bright & early.  Sherri & I met Jan, & the 3 of us boarded our flight for Florida.  We landed mid-day, met up with Jill, rented a car & headed west to Sanibel Island.  the island is 12 miles long & 3 miles wide...known for it’s shelling.

we’re staying at the “Song of the Sea”....a quaint little hotel...more like a B&B...Sherri & I stayed here on a business trip 10 years ago & had loved it...so we’re back.

we started with a party...Jill had brought party favors, cake & presents! 

(Sherri got a wonderful treat too!)  It’s been a fun birthday celebration which started last Wednesday with a surprise dinner out with Jan & Sherri...& just continued through today.

then we took a walk along the beach; visiting, enjoying the WARMER-THAN-KANSAS weather, & checking out the shells

we hadn’t eaten all day, so we were off to find some food.  we’d asked the hotel manager for some suggestions & when I had mentioned that I had read a couple of books by a local author, Randy Wayne White, she told us that he owned a restaurant on the island called “Doc Fords”.  since it was my birthday...they all just insisted that I choose the place...so we were off to Doc Fords .

the place was casual & the food wonderful!

and we all had different mojitos....mine was pineapple

after we finished eating....including splitting a piece of key lime pie, I went shopping at the front of the restaurant.  

while purchasing a ”Doc Ford’s” beer glass (because we all know I need another beer glass), I asked the hostess if the author ever came into the restaurant...her reply was “yeah...he’s right over in the other dining room at the bar”...then two of the hostess’s grabbed my arms & insisted that I go meet him (this was after Sherri told everyone it was my birthday...which she’d been doing ALL day!)

so, while I was totally embarrassed, it was really fun to meet him AND...he was really super nice.  he wrote a birthday note to me on one of his menus.

we’re now tucked in our cool hotel room, visiting & laughing.....ready for sweet dreams.

what a fun & special birthday!

stay tuned for more....

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