house project done!

The last piece of flooring was actually laid January 1, 2017!  It was the next to last day of Danny’s time off over the holidays & we’d both worked hard to finish up.  The it’s-not-time-to-cheer-yet delay came because the old toilet was giving him trouble when he went to re-install it.  And, happily, iN-beTweeN the 1st & last Sunday, we took a trip to Florida to celebrate Claire’s birthday.  But last Sunday, the 22nd, he wrangled out the old parts, installed new ones & no leaks!  We were done!  It feels like it’s been a long haul & a big dent in our bank account, but we’re both happy with the way it all turned out!  

No more house projects for me!  Danny always seems to have a lot to do between our house & his Mom’s place at the lake, but at least he can do it on his own time, his own way, & without his lovely assistant (that’s my term…he might have something very different he’d like to call my work-ways!! ha ha ha!)

I’ve been applying for jobs…all seasonal or temp jobs.  I haven’t planned my big spring/summer trip yet…I’m thinking I might skip the spring part & shoot for a  long summertime trip.  I keep running into a bunch of snow when I leave in April/May.  But, the planning & dreaming & figuring it all out begins!                                                                                                                                                    © Vicki Hill 2022