my town…day 41 of lockdown

It’s no secret I don’t love living where I do.  I envy people who can drive a short distance or better yet walk out their door to some wonderful, beautiful & plentiful hiking.  But what I do have, is a fun, quirky, open-minded, diverse town…Lawrence KS.  I actually live in the country; about 12 miles east of Lawrence, but call it my town since that’s where I go to shop, eat, play & its where most of my friends live.

The University of Kansas is a beautiful college that sits on top of a hill & the campus is one of the prettiest I’ve ever seen.  Usually, this time of year, 28,000+ students are bustling about & theres so much activity, studying & parties going on.  But, now, it’s dead quiet.  Eerily so.

Wescoe beach…a big hang out spot…empty

And, the library closed….

IMG 0869.jpg

so sad.

IMG 0870.jpg

Danny & my favorite place to eat downtown...

sidewalks are usually filled with people...

IMG 0872.jpg

it’s a ghost town now.

IMG 0874.jpg

the message...

messages all over town….

IMG 0969.jpg

IMG 1104.jpg

IMG 1105.jpg

and, yes my town is quirky & weird but it’s the best town in this state

IMG 1106.jpg

Everything is sad, lonely, scary, anti-social & seems like this lockdown will never end.                                                                                                                                                    © Vicki Hill 2022