Sara & Peter come home for a visit!

We were so thrilled to have Sara, Kevin, Claire, Peter & Leia come home for a visit to see family & friends a couple of weeks ago!  I so wish Luke could have made it too…it’s been 8 months since we’d seen either of the boys, 4 months since we’d seen Sara’s family & nearly two years since the three kids have been together…way too long.  

But, one needs to look at one you have, not what you don’t & we were over the moon excited to see Sara’s family & Peter & his girl, Leia.

Claire has changed so much since June, & although we get to Face Time with her, there’s nothing better than being in her presence.  We shared her first campfire, roasted marshmallows, made pumpkin soup from a children’s Halloween book, ran outside a lot, played with the cats, read a ton of books, & made silly faces.  She is one special little girl!

HHKL0311.jpgIMG 8924.jpgIMG 8916.jpgIMG 8962.jpg
IMG 8951.jpg

We went to a local pumpkin patch too!

IMG 8988.jpg
IMG 8978.jpgIMG 9004.jpgIMG 9038.jpgIMG 9074.jpg


We hadn’t forgotten about Peter & Leia...  They visited friends, played some local games of pickle ball & saw a little of KC.  I’d planned a big family & friends party while they were here.  About 50 people showed up, the weather stayed clear for the first couple of hours so we were able to stay outside & we all had a good time.  It was sooooo great seeing Peter’s friends again…most with families & all grown up.  The kid’s friends spent so much time here when they were little & raising little kids was truly one of the best times of my life! One of his friends told me, “this was always my favorite place to come when I was a kid”…that made my heart soar, as did watching Claire play with all the other little kids—we don’t usually get to see her around other children & it was great.  Claire is so fortunate to have lots of cousins in Florida & SHE’S WILD CRAZY ABOUT THEM!  But, she got to meet her one cousin from our side of the family & it was awesome to see the big cousins together too!

IMG 9262.jpg
IMG 9109.jpgIMG 9111.jpgIMG 9125.jpgIMG 9129.jpgIMG 9138.jpg IMG 9113.jpg
IMG 9190.jpg

the piano was a big hit!

IMG 9158.jpg

& my fav photo of Claire from the night!

IMG 9171.jpg

I was surprised & touched by a special toast Danny made at the party…the next day would be our 40th wedding anniversary & he handed me a glass of something dark & boozy as he made his sweet & lovely toast.  It turns out we were drinking a 40 year old glass of cheap champagne left over from our wedding!  It was surprisingly not awful & didn’t kill us!

Today was the day, Sara, Kevin & Claire were leaving, so we made a dash out to eat some BBQ (although the BEST KC BBQ is not open on Sundays, so thats always a bummer!) before they leftalways sad to watch them go & I miss them only hours later!

IMG 9222.jpg

After the toys were put away (sad face), the five of us decided to go hear some live music in Lawrence & one of the small outdoor bars.  The evening was cool but beautiful & we enjoyed some good beer (one of my fav’s Boulevard’s Rye on Rye on Rye!) & listened to an ever growing band playing down-home bluegrass.  Upon returning to the table after paying the tab, my credit card went airborne then disappeared…just like magic.  It turns out that it slid between the boards on the enclosed decking…it was spectacularly annoying.  We went out for a beer & to grab a bite & the Burger Stand, then took everyone back home.  Danny & I, along with his power tools & flashlight, headed back to the bar.  After about 45 minutes, he was able to lift one board up & grab the card!  With cheers from the onlookers & credit card in hand, we ended our 40th wedding anniversary & drove back home!

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We spent the next three days with Peter & Leia & they also continued to see their friends & play pickle ball.  Monday night, we all went to Top Golf & met Peter’s friend Eric, my brother Mike & my nephew Brett.  Phyllis & I watched them compete & enjoy themselves!

IMG 9275.jpg

On Tuesday afternoon, we all went over to Chicken N Pickle in Kansas City where some of Peters friends showed up to playDanny & I each played a game too.

IMG 9299.jpgIMG 9323.jpg

IMG 9313.jpg

Later that evening, we had a yummy dinner of brisket & some favorite old family dishes & one of Peter’s friends joined us for a wonderful evening of conversation & just being together.

Danny had to go to work the next day, & the rest of us just spent the day around the house (they were pretty bored I think!)  Although, Peter did get to to have a nice long visit with our neighbor & I was super glad about that (they spent many, many hours playing together as kids.)

Then it was time to pack up.  We left early enough to go have BBQ at what I consider the BEST in KCJoes.  Full with food & a little extra time, we drove through the Plaza, by the fountains & the art gallery.  Danny called & said he would be off work in a few minutes (something totally unexpected) so we buzzed by his office & he jumped in the car then we took off to the airport.  I really hate good byes, but I managed to do this one without any tears.  Peter is soooo happy & Leia is wonderful, easy going & it was totally great to have them here!

IMG 9330.jpg

Okaywhile it seems I can say good bye once in awhile without tears, Im unable to type a blog & not have eye-leakage.

Ill leave it at thisI am so grateful for my childrenall so different, but happy & content in their lives & I am soooo very very thankful I got to spend precious time with them this trip.  (Leaking badly now; time to go!)                                                                                                                                                    © Vicki Hill 2022