…or my new adventure in writing…iN-beTweeN trips.  I’m challenging myself to find interesting paths to pursue while I’m at home.  Which over the past dozen or so years has been difficult for me…I am not one to find contentment at home.  The Oz phrase “there’s no place like home” just makes me roll my eyes.  

the physical: I’ve been home 42 days since my last trip. Danny & I decided to tackle a big project at the house which is such a conundrum-- putting money & time into a place I’d rather not live—but it is home (for now).  With all that said, I’ve pulled up all the carpet & chiseled up the tile; I’m sore but glad to see the old go.  We’ve been living on bare concrete for a couple of weeks, spending the beautiful weekends mostly inside working on our old, cracked concrete floors (which I like waaayyy better than the carpet that had lived on top of it!)  I’ve been to the big box store so full of everything (grrrr…always a race to see how fast I can get in & out of there!) a few times to choose, order, & finalize our new flooring.  It will get worse before it gets better…but nice when it’s done. Patience & disorder are not my thing & Danny & I don’t ‘project’ all that well together….my current mantra, ‘this too shall pass’. (I have managed to escape once each weekend; for a long bike ride with friends in Topeka & we both attended a festival in KC to dance the night away with my fave band MarchFourth….so much fun!)

the mental: I think it’s so interesting that when I come back home, I have more ‘insights' to myself than when I spend my time traveling, hiking, camping, & photographing—most of it while all alone & plenty of time to ’think'.  Years ago, I would have guessed that to be opposite.  But I know I’m more in the moment when I’m traveling & more in my head when I’m home (war-- for sure-- sometimes).  These past few weeks have resurrected some old life-sucking habits but on their tails have brought some new revelations & desires to cHanGe & let go of them.   So great how life can slap you in the face a few times followed up by a kick in the butt (because you didn’t get it sooner) to bring on a welcomed & lightened new version of yourself.  

the sweet joys:  Sara, Kevin & Claire came to Dannys Mothers house at the Lake of the Ozarks for a four day visit.  I had so much fun playing with Clairewe hiked & ran through the grass & had lots of tea partieslove, love, love!  Luke came in town 13 days later & we had a great time visiting & laughing & having some of his old high school friends & family over for dinner. (I miss PETER!never satisfied am I?)  Nothing better than spending time with my kids!

I love fall in the midwest…crisp mornings & evenings, warm days, all the colors on the trees & my ritual of morning coffee outside on the porch or in the rock garden. 

Well see how this home-bound writing-thing goes.

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