My perfect place…Crested Butte 7.2011

So, most of you have heard me drone on endlessly about this little mountain town...after coming here for several summers...I still feel the same

I left Kansas on Friday night & got here Saturday afternoon.  Every summer I come’s different.  I’ve been here in June, July & August...this year I was trying to pick the perfect time for hiking & seeing the wildflowers....meaning trying to avoid hiking in deep snow & horrific water crossings (usually in June & early July), torrents of rain (later July) & herds of mosquitoes followed by more snow (August).  While it may not sound like the perfect place...

just take a peek at what it’s really about

It was storming like crazy yesterday...a big-time downpour when I arrived...after about an hour, the rain quit.  I’d planned my trip earlier this year...and you never know what the snow fall is going to until it quits here (usually in May) ...& this was HUGE! this July...right actually more snow & water then when I was here last June.  Which means....

a bunch of the 4WD roads needed to get to the trailheads...are CLOSED;  

...the trails that are open...if you get up high...are covered in several feet of snow...

& the water crossings...crazy deep & violent

So, once the rain quit, I went to explore the roads that I could get to (most are in really bad shape).  There is water flowing from everywhere & where there isn’t water..there’s mud

the road that I used to refer to as “the scary road” still has the snow-plug covering it...I won’t be going down it this year (& unfortunately, that means I’ll miss hiking one of my favorite trails...Hasley Basin)

will all of that said...look at what IS here….

so, I slept great last night...took a walk up the road this beautiful morning (the sun was out...but only briefly...supposed to rain/storm here the next two days) & since I won’t be hitting any trails this morning, I’m headed to the Farmers Market downtown for breakfast

stay tuned....

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