flying cheap

It’s not that I haven’t flown Frontier Airlines previously…but it was way back when they were a competitor with Southwest airlines…low cost for sure, but not skin & bones.  So, it was with a tiny bit of apprehension that I booked a round trip flight to Orlando a week or so ago when Frontier had a one day ‘flash’ sale & I scored a RT ticket for $76!  How bad could it be?  Here’s the rules:  No refunds & no changing your itinerary. Extra money for—carry on bags; checked bags; reserved seating; & anything but water during the flight.  You get one ‘personal’ item that has to fit under the seat.  Safety does prevail & included in your ticket is your seat belt, oxygen mask & floatation device.  

I was assigned a seat at check in (lucked out & got a window seat—my favorite place to sit anyway) & managed to easily pack for 5 days in a Timbuktu bag….essentially a computer bag.  I’m a pretty light packer as it is, but I’ve never tried to go this small.  It wasn’t hard; I don’t need many clothes for a few days.  I also brought my computer & Kindle; a fold up sling bag; a KU t-shirt, book & CD for Claire; 1/2 a PB&J sammy & managed to pack a small basic Halloween costume too! 

IMG 2643.jpg

Everything went really well!  And so far, with ONE flight under my belt, I’m happy!  I’d definitely book with them again for another chance to see Claire…or for that matter, to go anywhere!  It’s probably not any cheaper when you need to start bringing more bags with you…& the fee for carry on or checked bag once at the airport is ridiculous.  But for me, traveling alone, I can make it work.  I’m not as sure when it comes to the other two super cheap super bad customer service airlines—Spirit (rated the most hated airline) & Alligiant (which Sara tells me their planes are always getting grounded for safety violations), but I’ll be keeping my eye out for those Frontier sales!  If any of you hear of any great flight sales, please let me know…I’m always ready to leave town & have a long, long list of places I want to experience!

PS: I guess Frontier figures most people are not going to buy their snacks or drinks, so it’s okay to have the world’s smallest seat back tray…tiny, tiny, tiny.  It seems only slightly bigger than my luggage tag!

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