they’re finally here!

Ever since we found out a few weeks ago that Sara, Kevin, Claire & Emma would be coming back for Christmas, I’ve been in over-excited drive & planning mode with like 300 things on a to do list….& over the top happy about all of it!  Jill calls me the craziest Grandma & my sister in law says coming to my house for the kids is the next best thing to DisneyWorld…I'll take both those statements as compliments!  

Since they wouldn’t be here until two days after Christmas, the actual holiday was fairly quiet.  I had dinner for five (Phyllis, my brother & his wife) which was yummy with Danny grilling a KC Strip Roast…something we’d never had before.  I baked Christmas cookies the rest of the day & continued my prep for the girls.  

It was a blast having them here!  The early mornings were filled with warm snuggles & reading; the rest of the days & evening was full of fun—costumes, playing in a teepee, baking, crafting, celebrating Claire’s 4th birthday, friends, family & general awesomeness!  I sooooo love these girls!

IMG 3860.jpg IMG 3905.jpgIMG 3914.jpgIMG 3919.jpgIMG 7110.jpg IMG 7043.jpg
IMG 7052.jpgIMG 7174.jpgIMG 7198.jpgIMG 7074.jpg
IMG 7129.jpg
IMG 7079.jpgIMG 7228.jpgIMG 7246.jpg IMG 7099.jpg
IMG 7206.jpg
IMG 7168.jpgIMG 7218.jpg IMG 7280.jpg IMG 7389.jpgIMG 3851.jpg IMG 7391.jpg
IMG 7330.jpg
IMG 7126.jpgIMG 3879.jpg IMG 3938.jpgIMG 3940.jpg
IMG 3957.jpg

Wow!  the days just flew by, but we loved every minute of it!  The trip to the airport lacked a tearful Gki, because….I’ll be flying down next week to see the girls, Sara & Kevin & will be spending a month in Florida!!!!!!  Check back on Tripscibbles for my first trip of 2019…there will be lots of time with these sweet girls, but some adventures with Jill & maybe some time by myself to explore!   Wweroiweuprou                                                                                                                                                 © Vicki Hill 2023