the gangs all here!  & I’m on Cloud 9!

It’s been 3.5 years since my kids have all been together & since that time Emma was born & Claire has grown up from a baby to a little girl.  I came home a few weeks early from my trip, so excited to take a time out for this reason.  We had so much fun…played & read & cooked & crafted did all those things we love to do!  Take a peek!

IMG 3927.jpg

Luke was the first to arrive on Wednesday & on the same day his good friend Rose & her two boys, Arlo & Henry (Luke is their Godfather) drove in from Minnesota.  It was so much fun having them here.  The boys ended up spending the night, under Luke’s supervision & are two of the sweetest boys ever!  Rose is fantastic & loved loved loved having her here!

IMG 3396.jpgIMG 3408.jpg

Then Sara, Kevin, Claire & Emma came on Friday & oh, those wonderful little girls!  Emma has changed so much…walking, practically running & her vocabulary is growing everyday.  She says “Gki” & it just makes my heart melt.  Let the super fun begin!

IMG 3453.jpg

We have a fantastic independent toy store in Lawrence.  Claire has taken a virtual tour of it with me before, but it was wonderful taking her to see it in person

IMG 3554.jpg

Meeting new friends & getting to lick the beaters was an activity they both enjoyed

IMG 3575.jpg

IMG 3583.jpg

The girls love ‘our’ costume closet

IMG 3594.jpg

IMG 3609.jpg

IMG 3615.jpg

Claire & Grandpa made a garden stone for Phyllis

Playing hair do with all my old hair clips

IMG 3637.jpg

Building fun at the Lawrence library!

Blue, Lukes dog, was a big hit with Emma

Claire & Luke spent a lot of time kicking the soccer ball around

IMG 3689.jpg

Emma & Caroline are cousins!

IMG 3697.jpg

Pete & Leia arrived on Monday night & while we only had one day of overlap, we made the most of it!

IMG 3719.jpg

Leia shares her goodies with Emma

Emma discovers the piano!  

We had a family party (Claire didn’t want to be in the photo; I was the photographer).  But I love all the smiles!

IMG 3791.jpg


IMG 3799.jpg

Claire, Caroline, Emma & Kate.  Claire has been so excited to see her cousins for the second time in her life

IMG 3827.jpg

Love this pic & really, really, really love these people!

IMG 3842.jpg

Pete & Luke are tournament pickle ball players so we took an afternoon to go to Chicken & Pickle in Kansas City

IMG 3868.jpg

Claire & I made shrinky dink book marks

A huge soccer fan!

IMG 3906.jpg

Phyllis close ‘other’ family, the Neverves.  We went to the Red Lyon in Lawrence (their bar) & watched the Womens World Cup match

IMG 3913.jpg

Jill was passing by & stopped! She’s traveling on a solo road to trip to visit her farm & see family in KC.  So glad she stopped by!

IMG 3914.jpg

We visited my library…Claire knows how much I treasure this special place & I loved showing it to her!

IMG 3478.jpg

IMG 3460.jpg

IMG 3486.jpg

IMG 3537.jpg

IMG 3550.jpg

IMG 3538.jpg

These two have stolen my heart…forever & ever!

IMG 3593.jpg

What a wonderful time we all had.  I really hope it’s sooner rather than later when we’re all together again, but I’m learning to be grateful for the time & moments I have rather than always focusing on wanting more more more.

And I’m packing.  I’ve been home for nearly 3 weeks & the ‘mountains are calling & I must go”…seriously, I can hardly wait to be back in Colorado.  But, as I start my travels again in a couple of days, I’ll be leaving with a huge happy heart filled with love & memories of my family’s visit!                                                                                                                                                    © Vicki Hill 2022