A brief look back to 2021: 
My travels last year were awesome! I spent 197 days traveling…which might be a new record. I spent a lot of time in January & February with Claire & Emma; hiked in & traveled to some best-loved places in UtahColoradoArizona & California & tried new things like an 8 day adventure floating down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon & a last minute super cool trip to Mexico.  Along the way, I saw old friends & met some really nice new ones.  Danny & I spent a couple more weeks traveling together than in years past & that’s so wonderful.

Looking forward to 2022:
I’ve made plans for a quick birthday trip for myself in mid-January…excited to try something new.

I’m hoping to finally spend that spring month in New Mexico (my trip in 2020 was cancelled due to COvid & the state was still in heavy lockdown in 2021; hoping the third try makes it happen!) exploring a state I’ve been in & been through a few times, but a month or more will let me deep dive into this super cool place.

I know my 4Runner will take me back to my loved Colorado for a chunk of the summer, hiking the trails I love so much & seeing all my friends in Crested Butte.

While a definite plan is not in place, I’m still hoping to do an international trip this year, but a little sketchy on booking anything until the COvid monster is slayed & down for the count.

And, theres never enough of seeing Claire & Emma.  I feel like I’m missing so much of their growing up & am always open to see them whenever it’s possible.

My calendar seems pretty open as of now…but that’s not unusual for the beginning of a year.  While I do love to plan, I don’t love to do it too far in advance.  I’m a kind of ‘plan for next month’ type of woman, then pack up, hit the road & make new plans along the way.

So, let the adventures begin.  Hope whatever path you take, it’s a good one!  

“The past is your lesson. The present is your gift. The future is your motivation”

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