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the scoop….I love to travel to really cool places, hike as much as possible, photograph amazing scenery, meet new friends and acquaintances, eat wonderful foods, chase good beer and...to share all of the fun and good times with you.

what rocks my world….the mountains are my passion...forget the house, the job, t.v. shows and shopping....give me my backpack, boots, camera and some high altitude, and I’m in heaven.  I’ll never forget my first time in Colorado...and that first sight of a mountain range.  My initial trip up a mountain, I was awed, amazed, and scared to death...riding and driving in them terrified me, but I was captured and amazed and have never been the same. The fear is gone replaced by longing and belonging.  I know, when I am there, I am home.

my rig….I love my set up!  I travel & camp in a 2001 Toyota 4Runner.  I love the fact that it’s so simple.  The extra’s are that I love to watch storms from inside (the 4Runner has big windows!) & I can see out my window, sunroof or easily pop open the door in the night to see the stars, moon & sky.  I can also change my mind & move camp without having to pack up any stuff…extra points for not having to pack up wet gear if the weather’s been crappy.  I can also lock my doors at night, which is kind of nice too.  My back seats are removed, which gives me a lot more room.  I have a single cushy bed on one side, a space for my kitchen (a food & cook box), my duffle with all my clothes, hiking shoes & sandals & a cooler on the other side.

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(photo credit:  Sherry Ott)

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night time is awesome in my rig!

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but even more important than travel is my family!


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Leia & Pete

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Kevin & Sara

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