The 2024 word for me is CHANGE. 

There are some huge changes coming…..

Danny & I will celebrate the beginning of the year as a ‘retired’ couple!  Yes, the man is finally moving forward to start enjoying life.  We are all so happy!  

A really great change.

The home we’ve lived in for 45 years, will be go on the market soon.  

A super big change.

We will be moving cross country to live closer to some of our family.  

A fantastic change.

I will have fewer solo travels, but am not giving up the type of travel I love so much.  Danny will continue to travel to his family’s lake property solo, but we will definitely be going many places together.  And I can’t wait to show him so much of the country he has not seen & share some of my favorite places with him & spend that time together.  

A happy change.

I’m ready to embrace the challenges that come with change, figure them out, & move forward!  Moving forward is a huge deal to me since I’ve been stuck this past year at home on the sick bench.

The one thing I’m confident in, is that my travels will continue.  And, yes, things might change a bit.  Until I’m back to normal with both energy & physical fitness, my hikes might look a bit different.  But, I’m going to work really hard to get back to my normal.

So, with winter still here & much to do with the current house, I have not done much travel planning….yet.  But those plans will get made!  I have missed the road so much: the trails, the camping, the scenery, & the people you meet while traveling.

And while we’re looking forward to the results these changes will bring, we both have a million questions as to how exactly it’s all going to work.  A million.

But I don’t want to be afraid of change.  I’m striving to be more fluid.  

There’s a quote by Leonard Cohen that I will be repeating to myself as this year unfolds:  

“A state of grace is the kind of balance with which you ride the chaos you find around you”

So, here’s to riding the chaos to a world of changes!

Happy 2024 to all of us & many great wishes for good health, much happiness & super awesome adventures!

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