Go. See. Do. Be.

That’s what’s on my mind as I write this.  

Time feels fleeting; it’s flying by faster than ever before.  As I approach another birthday—one that comes with a birthday-Medicare card— I have the almost-panicked feeling I need to try to fit it all in. 

What is IT?  

More time with family & friends, more time traveling, more time hiking, more time laughing & more time treasuring life.  

So, I’m going to try to Go more this year than last (& I was gone 165 days in 2022).  I’m trip planning now; always fun for me.  I’m as untraditional in my planning as I am in my travel….it’s more like trip guidelines.  But it works for me, mostly & I’m not locked in to reservations or a hard & fast itinerary (I also have a few stressful nights about where to stay, miss a few things that are closed when I get there & always, always end up over a coastal blow hole at low tide).  I don’t know that there is a perfect way to plan long road trips, so I’ll just keep doing what works for me.

My trips this year will include family—hoping to be with them more than last year.  I’ll be traveling to some of my favorite places too.  But theres always new towns, roads, trails, sunsets & views to See.  Those are all things that put a huge smile on my face, bring me peace, love & joy.  Definitely want more of that this year.

Booking flights these days, finding travel routes, hiking unknown trails, dealing with all the uncertainty can sometimes be daunting, but I’m determined to not let it stop me.  The older you get, there seems to be less to lose by taking chances, being OK with risk once in awhile & saying “Yes!” way more often than saying no.  Just Do things & don’t overthink it. Repeat:  Don’t overthink …so many wonderful surprises happen when you just let go.

My personal goal at this age is to  Be more at peace with myself.  I’ve been struggling a bit this past year, spending a little more time reflecting on the past & life that can’t be changed.  I can tell you I feel it’s a total waste of time (& I detest wasting time). I’ve learned a lot by this age & hope I have more interesting things to discover.  But one of the biggest things I know about myself though, is that being out in nature, walking in the wilderness, being on the trails, perched on a rock above ocean waves or dipping my toes in a beautiful river…is when I am ME. No doubt about it. The joy comes big time & I am so in awe of the beauty that surrounds me, the sounds of birds & water I hear, the quiet when everything is still, the fantastic tree life & the thousand colors of flowers I see. I am so grateful for the friends I’ve met along my travels…they are inspiring, interesting, brave & make me a better person. I am a personality that’s described as “easily fascinated”;  this is definitely true & I’m am grateful for that.  For as many years as I’ve been exploring the country & as many miles as I’ve driven & hiked & the thousands of photographs I’ve taken, I am still amazed at this magnificent earth. 

So, here’s to all of us in 2023….
a year of good health, lots of wonderful experiences,
new friends, family love & a huge amount of traveling!


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