2. Northern California…3.2017

Tuesday Leia was off so the four of us took the so-excited dogs out for walk at the river that’s near their house.  I love being part of this everyday routine & seeing the places the kids go & watching the dogs run & play.

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After an afternoon round of Pickle Ball, for the four of us (Peter was at work), took a hike around the Trinidad Head.  I can’t believe I’d never done this hike before! (I must have said that 5 times during the hike!)  It was so awesome!  No whales spotted, but it was fairly clear most of the way.  By the time we were headed back to the car though, the clouds were getting thicker & the drizzle had started again.

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We stopped at a couple of stores on the way back home & picked up food for dinner.  I made a lasagna & Leia made the salad & garlic bread.  It was so great just sitting around the kitchen with everyone visiting & laughing…so love the laughter (these are the times I miss most....just BEING with my kids!)

Wednesday…HAPPY BIRTHDAY PETE!!!  Pete took the day off work & we were ready to start the celebrations!  The morning started off perfect with a FaceTime call from Sara & Claireeveryone got to say hi & they wished Pete a Happy Birthday!

We all went to the Arcata Marsh Wildlife area for a long walk (& for some to catch Pokemon).  It was great!

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We went to lunch at Bittersweet…one of Pete’s favorite places & mine too.  It’s half empanadas & pies & the other half is a cider bar.  We bought a bunch of both & all tried each other’s.  What a fun afternoon!

IMG 4979.jpg

After lunch, Pete, Leia, Danny & I drove up the 101 to take a walk on the beach.  I LOVE THIS PLACE!  I’d been to this area many times, but never to this section of beach.  Wow…it was just perfect!!! And, I saw two starfish…I’d been so hoping to see one!

IMG 4990.jpg

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Leia showed & told me all about these fascinating creatures!

IMG 5036.jpg

And two of my favorite pics!

IMG 2451.jpg

IMG 2437.jpg

After the walk, the crew went back to take naps & chill out (not me, because we know I NEVER NAP) & one of us to have one of the beer’s we brought up from Russian River & petted the dogs!   We all had a piece of birthday cherry pie I made for Peter (it used to be his favorite) & sang Happy Birthday.  Then we went to dinner at the Humboldt Bay Bistro.  An upscale restaurant owned by another expat from home (he also came out to visit Luke & moved right out here!) whose dream it’s been to open a place of his own.  Luke helped out so much in the pre-opening & during the first few months when they were getting on their feet.  It’s almost their year anniversary & it’s a huge success in the area.  The boys love going there to eat!  

We had tickets for a concert with MarchFourth…the band I’ve been following for the past few years.  They come to Arcata every year, & I always remind the boys to go.  But, this was their first time & a great way to end a super fun day & celebrate Pete’s birthday with these wild, crazy, costumed musicians.  Terry had also bought a ticket, so we met here there & danced all evening.  It was great to meet more of Pete & Lukes friends that showed up at the concert too!

IMG 5052.jpgIMG 5055.jpg

It’s been such a huge wonderful treat & I’m so grateful to spend a birthday with any of my kids….it’s very, very rare.  But, I know when to look a moment in the eye, say thank you, & be happy!

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