3. Exploring the Pacific Northwest…5.2008

day three            monday, may 5, 2008

this is the view of the quillayute river from the door of our little cabin.  the morning began a little overcast, but dry and slivers of blue sky scattered among the clouds


after breakfast, tea and coffee, we packed a picnic, lots of coats and rain gear and drove a few miles west to rialto beach inside olympic national park.  this isn't a "shelling" beach, but one made of beautiful rocks and pebbles.  low tide was at 7:00 am; we arrived about 10 am and started the 1.5 mile hike to "hole in the rock"


it was chilly, but we were prepared!


this was a section blocked by a "stream" of water, so we had to make our way, on our butts, across the log jam



cool rock!

this cove was filled with the most beautiful driftwood


sherri found this rock with a "natural" flower design


while crawling over the slick rocks, making our way up to the "hole in the rock", we saw these "sea things" in the tide pools...they were awesome.  some were as big as the palm of our hands, and others were tiny and pink


this was the "front" side of the "hole in the rock"; sherri in the hole!


after walking through the "hole", this is a photo of the "backside" of the rock


these are some really neat shots I took from the "backside" at different angles


more neat "sea stuff" (that's the oceanographic term)


how do these trees grow up here?


the tide was coming in fast (this was pretty amazing to see too) so we took off at a brisk pace and headed back to the car.  mona had turned around at the log jam, it began to rain harder, the water level was getting higher....and sherri and I were really "feeling" this workout in the sand!  it had been a beautiful morning, no matter what the weather was.  the rock was neat, the sea creatures and fauna are always amazing, the company great, and so wonderful to be out on the beach

we were all damp and wet by the time we reached the car.  our next stop was the hoh rain forest, about 23 miles south.  our rental, a toyota 4-runner had a sun roof---which we soon discovered more uses for

sherri taking a photo of the olympic national park sign; sherri's drying mona's damp sweatshirt through the sun roof


 these are shots of the hoh river; entering the park and picnicking before our hike


here are many photos of the hike we took through the hoh rain forest....and I mean MANY photos!


 the rain forest was so neat...with about a thousand shades of green, the long-drippy moss was both eery and cool-looking, and I just felt like there is so much I don't know about how this eco system works...but I'm so glad it does


 the trail to us to the edge of the river....it's crystal clear


cornball picture #1...we thought these "leaning" trees were cool.....well, you get the idea


 cornball picture #2 & 3....of tourists who use these natural spaces for silly photo ops


these trees were the coolest...they are all "straddling" one fallen trunk...oh....the power of nature and the will to survive...pretty amazing



cornball picture #4...I just couldn't resist


we left the hoh rain forest (after many, many hoh jokes) and drove south another 15 miles to ruby beach....which is known for the garnets in the sand on the beach....doesn't this sound like ultimate cvb marketing ploy?  what idiots would fall for that thinking a public beach is filled with beautiful, dark red garnets....(they shall remain nameless)

in spite of not finding any garnets, the beach was still beautiful.  there is an island, in the distance, with a lighthouse.


cornball picture #5....to reiterate......because once is NOT enough....of tourists who use these natural spaces for silly photo ops


sherri spotted this bald eagle perched on a rock....then it spread it's wings and flew away


more photos of ruby beach....(which should be re-named "Just Rocks and Sand" beach)...but so beautiful it will take your breath away




chilled from the brisk wind, slightly wet, and muscles a little sore from all the hiking in the sand, but such happy, contented and joy filled women!

we decided it was time to head back to our cabin, get warm and dry, and celebrate the holiday


the menu for tonight was salmon tacos with these wonderful tomatoes, lettuce, mango salsa, and avacado and gucamole with chips and mona's special "marinated fruit" (....formerly known as sangria)


the view from inside our cabin


a wonderful meal...just perfect!





we gave our credit cards a much needed break and just took in the natural beauty that we're surrounded by

since dinner, I've spent the evening working on the web site.  mona and sherri have been "editing" my errors....there were many, but I'm grateful for their input, their input, their input, and their input....really, I am....really....truly...it's a big help...I mean its a big help...it's/its is a difficult concept for me...and sometimes for them too....it's a long story...or its a long story....nevermind it's too complicated or its too complicated!  (or maybe I've had too much "marinated fruit" or maybe I just need more)

seriously, today was a great day

we saw the beauty in the rain forest, the many colors of the clear rivers, the sounds and sights of the ocean waves, and a lot (or maybe its/it's alot) of laughing!

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