3. Heart full!  Heading down to see Emma & Claire!  WooHoo!…May & June, 2022

Pool time:

Lots of laughing time:

Cooking & Baking time:

Emma & reading time:  Emma is growing up so fast & has changed a lot since we saw them around Christmas.  But the fact that she loves to be read to hasn’t changed…along with the way she always lays her hand on you when you sit down to read her a story. Boy…it gets me every time.

IMG 0840.JPGIMG 0997.JPG

IMG 0902.JPG

Playground time:

Silly time:

IMG 1016.JPG IMG 1167.JPG IMG 1431.JPGIMG 1200.JPG

Camper time:

Being Gki:

IMG 1041.JPG IMG 1151.JPG IMG 1152.JPG IMG 1156.JPG

Just cute!

Building the biggest fort!

A dance party/sleepover night…there was a little bit of room left for the girls:

Family time:

So happy to be together!

Im sitting here at Saras house, with most of my stuff packed up & Camper is ready to go.  Danny & I hit the road for the long 21 hour drive back homenot really looking forward to that, but its so worth it to for us both to be here with the girls.  

I have loved, loved, loved my time here with them & getting moments to visit with Sara.  I know loosing a good Nanny & going through the process of hiring another one is stressful for a busy family, but I was so thrilled to get to be with these cuties in the meantime.  The new Nanny has been hired & she is really great.  I think the whole family will get along well with her & she with them.  

Im sure tomorrow as I drive off still feeling the warm sweet hugs from these girls, I will be dripping tears like crazy at having to say good bye.  I have a big love for them & always will.

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