3. The Sierra Nevada mountains & California!…August, 2021

Day 11 8.19
I spent the morning on their big sunny deck visiting with Leia.  She had to work for a bit, so Luke & I went out for lunch & split a burger at the local brewery.

After Pete got home from work, we all just caught up…love these moments that seem so plain, but I so miss these times with the boys.  Just listening to them talk about the everyday things in their lives…I hate living so far away from my kids & grandkids.

I also spent time calling mechanics in the area, seeing what I needed to do to get camper back up & running great.

Luke already had plans for him & Jordan to be out of town for tonight & tomorrow, so we hugged good bye, but I was glad it would only be for a short time.

Pete grilled for tonights dinner & then him & I stayed up late just visiting.

Day 12 8.20
I would start most days here the same way….coffee on the deck.  It’s pretty fun watching those goats & the neighbors come feed them.

I headed to McKinleyville to get my oil & transmission fluid changed…I was sure this would fix the problem I was having.

While the mechanic was working, I walked down the street to a Starbucks with a great big outdoor space & had my Friday Happy Hour FaceTime call with Jill.

Pete had to work, but treated Leia & I to a massage at a new place in town.  We got THC oil as part of the massage.  I didnt notice any difference, but I do love massages & that in itself was super relaxing!

Then we went out to the Jetty to a place called Humboldt Social.  It was gorgeous evening & such a great outdoor space with good food I had the Cubano & drinks. 

Then back at the house for Friday night deck time & conversation.  Leia’s sister came to spend the night & while I knew her from FB, it was great to meet in person.  What a fun loving woman!

Another super awesome day in this beautiful part of the country & nothing is better than spending it with my kids!

Day 13 8.21
These three love to play Pickleball.  Leia & her sister went to play in Blue Lake, while Pete & Luke went to play at a private game in Eureka.  I love to watch them play….Luke is too hard on himself, but I’m glad he accepts others mistakes without an even eye roll or comment.  But these two are so competitive…if they aren’t playing against each other, they are each others biggest cheerleaders.  But, if they are opponents…in anything….they are trying to win, win, win against the other one.

After Pickleball, it was time to pick up Danny from the airport!!! Yay!!!!  So happy he’s here!

Getting a beer at the Bigfoot Taproom in McKinleyville.

Having a late lunch at Fieldbrook Market.

Luke & Jordan & more deck time until dark.  Awesome!

Day 14 8.22
It was morning deck & goat watching time...

Then we all went to the Burger Joint for lunch.  Pete went home to chill & the four of us went to the Humboldt County Fair horse races.  I think I’ve only been to one other horse race in my life, but it’s way fun to go with Luke & Leia.  We all gambled, but of course I picked my horse—because I like it’s name-- like I pick my wine—which label is the coolest, so I lost my $10 (I’m such a bad gambler, I never bet much.)  Danny was more methodical than me, but I think he lost too.

We had a nice night back at the house.  Pete & Leia made dinner & Danny & Luke brought back a whole sack full of It’s It! bars for dessert.  And, of course, we shared some good beer too.

Day 15 8.23
Luke needed to run to one of the casinos south of Eureka, so we tagged along.  Then we had lunch at Eel River brewery…it’s a female owned Organic brewery.  We took Luke back to the Casino to catch a game & Danny & went to Fleener Beach.  We were looking for a trailhead, but came to the beach first & decided to hike the trail from the bottom to the top.

Look at this huge tree, buried in the sand.  Watching the tide wash over it was pretty cool.  The wood was super shiny & worn.

It was definitely not a crowded beach.  But I love this one!  Pete has brought me here before.  So, we walked & walked & walked.

We never did find the trail, because the tide cut off the rest of the beach.

We eventually walked back to the car & drove up to the trailhead.  We still didn’t find it right away, back tracked then found it.  But then we got a FaceTime from Claire & Emma & we’d rather take that call then hike.  Then it was time to go back & pick up Luke.

We met Pete & Leia after work back at Dead Reckoning.  They were out of Blind Pig, but we both got a Pliney & I bought a bottle to bring home too!  Dead Reckoning also has pinball—Luke & Pete love to play pinball.  Of course they always try to beat each other…so fun to watch! (Luke & Danny look like twins in their hoodies.)

Luke had plans with Jordan for the evening & the rest of us ordered Thai food & took it back to the house.  It was late, we were stuffed & quickly hit the sack after dinner.

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