A Quick Trip to Orlando…6.2017

It’s been a super long three months since we’ve seen Claire in person & our time with her went way too fast!   But so very grateful to have spent our days with her, Sara & Kevin.  The first two of our four days, we hung out at the house, planted flowers, walked to the park, played outside & lots of ‘pretend’ camping!  Our last two days were spent at Disney…. the Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom!  Claire gets to go a lot, but it was a special treat for Danny & me to get to see her having fun on all the rides, watching the shows & interacting with the characters.  I know Disney is about kids making memories, but we won’t forget our time with Claire & Sara in such a special place!

IMG 2654.jpgIMG 7094.jpgIMG 7067.jpgIMG 7076.jpg
IMG 7111.jpg
IMG 7134.jpgIMG 7148.jpg
IMG 7176.jpg
IMG 7197.jpgIMG 2666.jpg
IMG 7233 (1).jpg
IMG 7204.jpgIMG 7228.jpgIMG 7236.jpgIMG 7323.jpgIMG 7329.jpgIMG 7332.jpgIMG 7377.jpgIMG 7384 (1).jpg
IMG 7414 (1).jpg

IMG 7409 (1).jpg

IMG 7413 (1).jpg
IMG 7291.jpg IMG 7265.jpgIMG 7249.jpgIMG 7264.jpg

Claire is so much fun!  She’s so smart & creative & has a wonderful imagination…but she is so filled with a beautiful sweetness!

IMG 7417.jpg

Loved, loved, loved our time with her!


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