Beach trip…Florida 5.2007

may 26 - june 3, 2007

day 1      Orlando

the flights to Orlando were just fine and both arrived early in spite of the holiday weekend.

both planes were filled with excited little children...alot of them anticipating their

upcoming visit with mickey, minnie, goofy and the rest of the gang. 

we went to dinner at "BJ's brewery" and had some awesome avocado and sun dried tomatoes eggrolls and salad

....and of course, beer.  while not a microbrewery (Florida doesn't have many we were told), the beer was good...

not Free State, but then that's the best thing (and it is wonderful) the state has going for it 

day 2      Orlando

awoke early this morning and spent a little time on Sara's balcony...the weather is beautiful

she looks wonderful! 

we met Sara at the hospital as she ended her over night 12 hour shift.

she took us on a tour of the hospitals (there are four in the complex; she works in the emergency department of two of them. 

the Arnold Palmer children's hospital and Orlando regional medical center) and we met some of the other interns and her boss-doc

they are beautiful places to work (eat and sleep). 

it was so great to get a visual of

where she spends so much of her time.   

we went to breakfast and then back to her place for a lot of visiting.

Sara is truly passionate about the work she does and the people it affects.

I'm so amazed by her knowledge and skills and so happy for her that she is pursuing a career that she loves


on the road......

we hit the highway mid afternoon for the four hour drive to Marco Island.

we put the top down, the cd's in, the cruise on and headed south.

we were greeted with hugs from Mike and Becky and these great goodies

were in our room....koozies, sunglases, sunscreen, beach towels, beach music,

the book "gift from the sea" and a beautiful sand dollar


we all piled in a van and headed out towards the everglades looking for a particular

restaurant...(okay, this is really a gross picture, but I couldn't

resist.... how often do you see this along the side of the road?)

we ended the evening with key lime pie and coffee on the balcony over looking the gulf waters.

we then went on a wonderful long walk on the white sand beach that was lit up by the nearly full moon.

we got back to the condo about 1 am and headed to bed.

(but I didn't stay there long.  the cool thing about having insomnia while in Florida, is that

even in at 4 am, you can sit outside in the warm night air, and listen to the sounds of the ocean, while

surrounded by palm trees....and, in this case, high speed internet too)

day 3      Marco Island

6 am on a quiet beach...just wonderful!

the sun was shining brightly and a gentle breeze was blowing as we all enjoyed the laziness of the beautiful day..

we all just chilled out.....some read, some napped, and some talked.  photo on the right

is taken from below the balcony with Danny, Jen and Brock looking out at the view



as a surprise for Danny for father's day, I bought him a parasailing ride...mike went too at the same time.

(Becky and I had both been parasailing before, so we just went along for the ride)



 and there they go.....higher and higher....

 all the way up and out 1500' to see above the whole island

back safely in the boat and headed to shore with great big smiles and another new adventure taken.

the water was a little chilly as we waded back towards the beach


we went back to our lounge chairs and spent the rest of the afternoon just relaxing. 

we stopped at the hot tub on the way back to the condo...ummmm...nice

Mike and Danny went on some errands...and did a little shopping and each bought a Panama Jack hat.

dinner was really good: hot spiced shrimp, baked potatoes, cole slaw and corn on the cob....

all of us are excellent cooks!

Dan and I decided to take a long walk on the beach tonight.

at the point we were going to turn around, we saw a couple of young guys fishing...really

working hard to pull in something....

it was a shark...about 5' long.

I'd never seen a "wild" shark was so unusual looking. 

they were getting ready to fillet it, so we took off, enjoying a wonderful long walk

back to the condo.  it was so deserted and quiet all we could hear was the sound of the water

day 4      Marco Island

this morning the plans were for part of the crew to go on a fishing boat and Heather and I were going kayaking.

(I was soooo excited!  kayaking has been on my "47 things to do" list for a couple of years

and something I've been so anxious to do!)


 started our trip by going in and out these mangrove "islands"


then we headed down a channel towards the gulf


we beached the kayaks on a small island and did a little shelling...the water was so clear....amazing!

in the meantime,  the group on the Fishing Boat.....


Jen displays her fish; Mike's fish is on the right--it was about 42" long king mackerel

really cool!!  a sea turtle


Danny and Mike fishing and keeping the sun at bay with their new hats

dinner on the island

the pool at the condo

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