Halloween with Claire...Florida 10.2015

The best kind of treat!

It’s been three months since we’ve held, kissed, hugged & ooggled over our sweet & perfect little grand girl.  She’s changing sooo much...getting lots of hair, climbing all over, babbling & she thinks her long distance grandparents look like the back of an iPhone...but we’re so grateful for each & every video chat.  But nothing can take the place of actually getting to be with Claire, Sara & Kevin.  We’re so excited!

Claire’s first Halloween….

cutest little cabbage patch doll.....EVER!

an afternoon at the playground!

she loves to be read to & turn the pages in books!

she goes to baby gym & loves to interact with the other little kids!

she likes to swing, play with her toys, & climb & sit on her ‘Claire” chair! 

she loves her Grandpa & he is ‘over the moon’ for her!

and I can’t get enough Claire-time!

shoe shopping!

and a selfie or two

she’s exploring her new tunnel...adventure girl!

she’s not walking yet, but is standing & dancing...go Claire!  (She is 10 months old today!)

So. Much. Fun...to spend time & play with & watch & talk & hug & kiss this little growing baby!  

Okay...truth is, I’ve typed & retyped what was to be the last paragraph of this trip entry...all  about saying goodbye, can’t wait until the next time, how hard it is to be away from her just like it is to always be away from our own kids....but at this point ‘eye leakage’ has begun in such a big way that I can’t type very well & my keyboard is getting wet.

So, I’m just going to end it here; feeling sooo grateful to have had the opportunity to be withour wonderful little Claire! 


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