It’s all about Claire...Florida 4.2015 

This trip is pretty much to come back & see our new little granddaughter!  She’s growing so fast & seems to be changing everyday!  We arrive on Sara’s birthday...which is so awesome, because it’s been a long time since we’ve celebrated this special day with our daughter.  After that, we’ll mostly be doing the ‘Claire-stare’...which is just great!

Our first day….saturday

Easter Sunday!

Always beautiful, but not always happy

Time for a mid morning nap

That did the trick!  happy happy girl!

Time to get all dressed up! time to change into another outfit (you can guess why)

At the park on this beautiful afternoon 

Sitting in her ‘Claire’ chair 

Time for’s been a big day!  


Monday & Tuesday--Workdays for both Sara & Kevin this week.  We filled our days with Claire!

Sara was off today & it’s our last day we spent most of it looking at, hugging, playing with, kissing & holding Claire!  

And I never get tired of spending time with Sara…I would love to have more time with her! A few tears were shed by one of us at the end of the day....saying good bye is so hard.

Claire’s stolen our hearts...big time!  

Not sure when we get to see this precious little baby, Sara & kevin next, but it won’t be soon enough!

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