Claire turns 2!!!….1.2017

This is Claire’s page!  We started Saturday off with a birthday celebration…she’s TWO!  Sara made & decorated Mickey & Disney themed cupcakes & decorated for the big party…she made it all sooooo cute & Claire & everyone had a fun time!

IMG 4613

IMG 3538IMG 3544IMG 3581IMG 3606

IMG 3615

IMG 3549

IMG 3637

On Tuesday, Sara & Claire took Danny & I to Universal for our birthdays!  What a huge big fun awesome treat!  Sara & Danny got to ride the big rides, but I got to ride a couple of rides with Claire & we all rode the Hogwarts Express three times!!! Claire loved riding the big red train & so did I.  Sara knows Danny & I are HUGE!!! Harry Potter fans. 

IMG 3919IMG 3887

IMG 3909IMG 3911

IMG 3906

IMG 3888

IMG 3844IMG 3883

IMG 3858

IMG 3822

IMG 4597IMG 4599

IMG 4609

We loved, loved, loved! our down time with Claire.  Just watching her play, goofing off, playing with her & all her toys, reading & having a blast!

IMG 4079IMG 3755

IMG 3770IMG 3766

IMG 3732IMG 3723

IMG 3627

IMG 3652

IMG 4095

And I love just being silly with her (no one does silly better than I do!)

IMG 3783IMG 3742

IMG 3745

And some moments just make your heart burst!

IMG 3775

It’s always soooo hard to say goodbye.  Words can’t express how much we love this sweet little girl!

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