Emma & Claire! So excited to see them!…Orlando, FL 8.2018

This has been a long three months in between trips to see the girls.  Emma has changed so much.  So we’ve been so super stoked to make this quick trip to see, play, hug & have a bunch of fun with these two sweeties!  We packed a lot of play time into 4 days…Claire had soccer, swimming & meet the teacher day; Emma is crawling super fast & sat up for the first time while we were there!  We all danced, sang, acted silly, swam, played pirate, had ice cream & ran races!  Time goes way too fast & neither of us wanted to leave.  It was also great spending time with Sara & Kevin…two of the busiest people I know.  Here’s a little picture of all the fun we had!

IMG 4273.jpg
IMG 4250.jpg IMG 4346.jpg
IMG 3496.jpg
IMG 3528.jpgIMG 4246.jpg
IMG 4271.jpg
IMG 4294.jpgIMG 4307.jpg
IMG 4328.jpg
IMG 4334.jpgIMG 4409.jpg

IMG 4353.jpg
IMG 4362.jpgIMG 4371.jpg

IMG 4395.jpgIMG 4432.jpg

IMG 3505.jpgIMG 4388.jpg

IMG E4306.jpgIMG 4333.jpg

Love, love, love these grandgirls & so wish we could see them more often!


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