Emma & Claire…Florida, 8.2019

Day 1-4
Time flew by on this trip!  Emma has changed so much in the past two monthsher vocabulary is up to about 100 words & she runs now!  Claire seems more like a little girl rather than any part toddler.  It was a normal trip for us to see the girls…landed, played, read, walked around the lake, played, swam, read, ate, put Emma down for naps & both for bedtimes, played, read, hugged, danced, dressed up, listened to music…& then did all of that again & again for four days..  We love it so much!  Sara was off for most of the time we were there, which was awesome for us to get to spend time with her.  Kevin & her managed a night out alone together & we were happy to watch the girls.  Here you go…our precious grand girls….so much fun, but growing up so fast!

IMG 5787.jpgIMG 5774.jpgIMG 5799.jpgIMG 5780.jpg
IMG 5770.jpg
IMG 5781.jpgIMG 5939.jpg
IMG 5855.jpg
IMG 5910.jpgIMG 5796.jpgIMG 5807.jpgIMG 5919.jpg
IMG 5871.jpg
IMG 5828.jpgIMG 5950.jpg
IMG 5884.jpg
IMG 5850.jpgIMG 5953.jpg
IMG 5962.jpgIMG 5963.jpg

It’s always hard to leave…& now Emma can yell, “Gki! Gki! Gki!  as I step out of the car at the airport & it just breaks my heart.  But we must always be grateful for the  moments weve shared & not focus on what were missing (I say that every time, but I know Im missing a lot!)  It’s back to FaceTime, which I”m so grateful for too.  Without I think I’d just…find a way to move there!!!!

Until next time sweeties…we love you both so much!


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