Emma, Claire & Danny time in Florida….June, 2023

This was Dannys vacation that hed planned since last November.  And neither one of us wanted to miss it.  So, feeling ok or feeling like crap, I went.  We both needed a break from my prolonged health mystery that is still going on & has been for nearly two months now.  And, so we went.hoping Id have more good hours than bad ones.  

Claires breakfast after a sleepover with us…don’t judge my nutrition….she was very very happy.

of course we played salon…nails & a hairdo.

IMG 1897.JPG IMG 1898.JPG

Claire just finished the third Harry Potter book, so she followed it up with the movie.  All decked out in her HP pj’s, it was so fun to watch it with her!

IMG 1968.JPG

we always love making pizza’s for dinner.

IMG 1970.JPG

tea party at our AirBnB…I bought them a new tea set (their old one drowned in the flood).

IMG 1976.JPG

it was a busy day at the AirBnb.

IMG 1883.JPG

hanging at the playground!

IMG 1984.JPG IMG 1988.JPG

Emma in her ‘rocker’ mode & then her posing mode…she does love a great dress in either case.

IMG 2003.JPGIMG 2019.JPG

they love their Grampa!

I’d never heard of Pearler beads….so much patience! (Diamond painting was just as bad, but the girls love them!)

and my patience is already being tested to the max while I’m in medical craziness.  Good thing Grampa has tons of it.

IMG 1941.JPG

Emma & Claire are going to gymnastics camp this week for three mornings.  Modeling their new leotards & the headlamps I bought them to go on vacation….to YELLOWSTONE!  Yay!  I think they’re going to love it!

just fun…..

IMG 1864.JPG
IMG 2057.JPGIMG 1949.JPG

IMG 1845.JPG

IMG 1882.JPG

IMG 1855.JPG

They love wearing my glasses, but their Dad hates for them to be looking through a prescription pair.  So, I found these made just for kids…clear glass.  They had a blast wearing them.

IMG 2061.JPG

Both the girls are on a swim team this summer.  They are really good swimmers & seem to be having fun with it.

IMG 2064.JPGIMG 2065.JPG

And while their house is still a long way for move in ready (from last years flood), they still frequently use their pool….& these three were having a blast!

IMG 1937.JPG

Another visit filled with fun.  No dance party this time, but I’m hoping when I see them next, I will be back to my normal self.


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