Emma turns two!…February.2020

It’s been so great seeing the girls two months in a row & for at least a week each time!  We’ve treasured every minute.  The virus continued to make it’s way through the family, but in spite of it, we packed in a lot of fun!  Danny’s mom, Phyllis has traveled from spending a few weeks with her son in Scottsdale to Sara’s house to spend a few weeks.  She’d arrived a couple of days before we did.  We flew in on Saturday evening & the fun began!  Sunday, they had a joint birthday party for Emma & Claire with their friends in a beautiful park.  All invitees were warned of a sick Emma, but she felt well enough to make an appearance & have a good time.  And, the friends all showed up!

Happy Birthday girls!

IMG 9748.jpg
IMG 9735.jpgIMG 9793.jpg

IMG 9757.jpg
IMG 9774.jpgIMG 9782.jpg

Everyone went home from the party tired & ready for a quiet night.  The fun continued all week…reading, playing, crafting, etc.  I got to take the stroller & walk to Claire’s school to pick her up …two times!  We went out to lunch both times & it was wonderful!  Here’s the week filled with joy!  Love these little girls!

IMG 0049.jpgIMG 0055.jpg

IMG 0059.jpgIMG 5105.jpg

IMG 5113.jpgIMG 0061.jpg

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