Florida to see Emma & Claire!…June, 2021

We were both so excited to be here for an entire week!  We started in right away & filled every day with lots of fun…from morning until bedtime!  We climbed trees at the lake, made chalk drawings on the sidewalk, had a tea party, played in the hose, wrestled & played in the pool (well, Danny did that—not me), read a ton of books, painted rocks then hid them around the lake, had a bath bomb everynight, played games, & the good times continued right up until we left for the airport to come back home!

IMG 0108.jpgIMG 1956.jpg

I love love love waking up in the mornings & hearing little running feet, then a knock at the door…& then the day begins with these two sweeties!

IMG 0126.jpgIMG 0125.jpg

IMG 2024.jpgIMG 0165.jpg

They each got new hair brushes & are practicing how to use them!

IMG 1970.jpgIMG 1975.jpg

IMG 1995.jpgIMG 1985.jpg

I learned something new about my spouse of almost 44 years…he can draw really well!

IMG 2002.jpgIMG 2008.jpg

Our paint-then-hide rock project.

IMG 2043.jpgIMG 2045.jpg

We love this little market/restaurant just a few blocks away from their house…& Claire loves their ice cream sandwiches!

IMG 2080.jpgIMG 2085.jpg

IMG 2107.jpgIMG 2114.jpg

IMG 2128.jpg

IMG 2148.jpg

IMG 2153.jpgIMG 2140.jpg

IMG 2244.jpg

IMG 2165.jpg

IMG 2219.jpgIMG 2180.jpg

IMG 2207.jpg IMG 2236.jpg

One very happy Gki!

What a great time we had with these two!  Summer is the best with no school to interfere with all of our play time.  They are growing up & changing so fast….I know we miss a lot, but I’m so grateful for every moment we can spend with them!  


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