Florida to see Emma & Claire…April, 2021

We boarded a 5:30am Saturday morning flight to go spend a few days with Emma & Claire (so grateful we both had our vaccinations).  Danny would be going for 5 days, & I was lucky enough to spend 8.  And, as always, we had a great time.  The girls are so much fun!  Growing up fast, smart, playful & active!  See for yourself…

IMG 9602.jpgIMG 9613D.jpg

Random fun!

IMG 0029.jpgIMG 9572.jpgIMG 9616D.jpgIMG 9661.jpg

IMG 9606.jpg
IMG 9643.jpgIMG 9691D.jpg

IMG 9668D.jpg

Claire loves to read…so I have like a dozen pictures of her doing her favorite thing.

IMG 9684.jpgIMG 9692.jpg

Someone is a little bit frustrated.


IMG 9722.jpg

Claire loves to play school.

We all wished Grampa could stay longer.

New summer outfits from Grampa & Gki.

IMG 9763.jpgIMG 9772.jpg

We painted bird houses.

Emma is fearless in the water!

IMG 9829.jpgIMG 9833.jpg

And Claire has been like a fish for a long long time!  Kevin definitely gets a workout in when he plays in the pool with these girls.

IMG 9818.jpgIMG 9835.jpg

Oh how I love love love these two!


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