Fun in Florida with Emma & Claire…..September, 2022

Day 1-8 9.10 thru 9.17
Wow…Emma & Claire have both grown so much since we saw them last June!  As usual, we packed a lot of fun into a week that went by way too fast!

Harry Potter Theme Day! 

The Hogwarts Express arrived right on time!

We had a special (but scary) visit from Professor Snape who led the potions class..Yikes..they didn’t like the potion!

IMG 5031.JPG

We decorated owl cupcakes…then ate them!

IMG 5034.JPG

And, what’s a Harry Potter day without Butter Beer!

First soccer practice of the year (Emma’s first ever)

Claire did really great!

IMG 0957.jpeg

Bubbles, Glow & Dance Parties!

And went on a super fun Scavenger hunt...

…which of course included “finding an ice cream cone"

Baked some goodies

IMG 5294.JPG

IMG 5004.JPG

And some chillin’ time

And lots of other fun!

The week went by fast (so interuppted by things like school & Pre-K), but we tried to have fun every minute we could spend together.  Sara & Kevin even managed to go out a couple of times —just the two of them—while we were there.

We feel like we’re missing so much being so far away, but we treasure the time we have with them!  

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