Gki Returns!  Too Long Away from Emma & Claire!…September, 2021

They’ve changed so much since I was here last, but we always have so much fun!  Love these big hugs when I get there!

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We always try to go outside as much as possible…they live in such a beautiful neighborhood close to lakes & parks.

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I love to do projects & crafts with the girls too.  This time we made tissue paper flowers, a ‘DOT’ project & made bookmarks for each other & to give away in one of their Little Free Libraries.

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Claire missed ‘silly sock’ day at school…she ran a fever for a couple of days while I was there.  But, I just happened to bring a pair of silly socks with me for each of the girls, so we made our own fun.  I created a pair for me too!

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There were treats….

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Emma had picture day at pre-school, then we played ‘Salon’…Emma & I play this a lot!

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Claire & I play school…all the time.  May be my least favorite thing to play, but spending time with her is always worth it!  Today’s Art Class Project I assigned to her & Grampa—self portraits in crayon!

Claire is on a swim team this year & really loves it!  We were so lucky to be there for her first swim meet!

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We were all glad Grampa could come down for a few days!

Sara & Kevin went to meet the teacher night for both girls then out to dinner. I was in charge of dinner & baths…today’s surprise (I bring the girls a small surprise for every day I’m there) were hiking bandanas!  They wanted to put them on after bath.  When Sara got home, they had brought a cutting kit for Emma from her teacher.  And she started in right away, Claire & her Mom giving her directions.

My last day with the girls, Sara was running in a 1/2 Marathon that also goes thru their neighborhood.  We all ran to cheer her on!

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But one of the MOST FUN THINGS I GOT TO DO!! while I was here was watch a movie….Claire has started reading the Harry Potter series.  She’s read the first book & listened to it twice, but the my last night there, she was allowed to see the movie for the first time.  I watched her more than I did the movie (I’ve probably seen it 50 times…no exaggeration) & that was great!  I can’t tell you how awesome it was to share of one my passions with Claire who is just discovering & delighting in Harry Potter.

I always hate to leave, & this time I have no idea when I’m going back.  I will miss Halloween…my favorite holiday & love spending it with them especially.  But, it was a fun time to be with them & play & hug & create & pretend & dance party & read &….all those things we love to do together!

Signing off before the old eyes start leaking!  


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