Halloween with Claire!…October.2016

Another spontaneous trip!  I was able to score a $76 RT airplane ticket to Orlando to see Claire & everything about that’s good!  It would be over my favorite holiday…Halloween!  Danny & I were fortunate enough to spend last Halloween with her also, unfortunately, Danny wasn’t able to get off work to make it on this trip.  Claire caught onto the whole “Trick or Treat” thing quickly (as she does everything!) & it was so much fun watching her with the other kids, in costume & all that went with it.  We filled in the other 3 days with gym class, lots of playing outside, going to the park, lots of playing inside, eating, reading, laughing & making silly faces!  I feel so lucky & grateful when I get to her see her!

IMG 2649.jpg IMG 2659.jpg IMG 2674.jpg IMG 2684.jpg IMG 2701.jpg IMG 2705.jpg IMG 2710.jpg IMG 2715.jpg IMG 2719.jpg IMG 2761.jpgIMG 2782.jpgIMG 2841.jpgIMG 2776.jpgIMG 2817.jpgIMG 2847.jpgIMG 2848.jpgIMG 2853.jpgIMG 2878.jpgIMG 2891.jpgIMG 2884.jpg
IMG 2892.jpg
IMG 2899.jpgIMG 2896.jpgIMG 2909.jpgIMG 2904.jpgIMG 2939.jpgIMG 2918.jpgIMG 2956.jpgIMG 2950.jpg

IMG 2958.jpg

IMG 2872.jpg

IMG 2866.jpg

So. Much. Fun! (And, as always, so HARD to LEAVE her!)


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