HO! HO! HO! …12.2017

We left Kansas City in a snowstorm & frigid temps happy to arrive in sunny warm Claire-country!  We had a wonderful holiday, mostly playing with Claire & enjoying lots of visiting with Sara & Kevin.   Sara cooked some delicious food…a wonderful Christmas dinner, Christmas cookies & cheesecakes….YUMMY!  Danny & I even survived a 3.5 hour adventure putting together a 42 piece kitchen for Claire finishing at 2am Christmas morning…but it was hit with Claire, so worth every minute! We decorated cookies, took a night time walk with her new flashlight (a gift from her Uncles & Leia), danced, made silly selfies, did lots & lots of reading & played & played… I loved every minute of it!

IMG 2462.jpgIMG 2465.jpg IMG 2470.jpg IMG 2476.jpg IMG 2481.jpg IMG 2485.jpg IMG 2486.jpg IMG 2492.jpg IMG 2497.jpg IMG 2508.jpg IMG 2513.jpg IMG 2515.jpg IMG 2524.jpg IMG 9769 (1).jpg IMG 9807.jpg IMG 9816.jpgIMG 9808.jpg IMG 9863.jpg
IMG 9865.jpg
IMG 9850.jpgIMG 9778 (1).jpg IMG 9867.jpg IMG 9869.jpg
IMG 9880.jpg
IMG 9893.jpg IMG 9911.jpgIMG 9922.jpgIMG 9932.jpgIMG 9945.jpgIMG 9975.jpg

Since Danny & I won’t get to be there for Claire’s birthday on January 3rd, we decided to celebrate early & it was another fun day!

IMG 9916.jpg
IMG 9938.jpgIMG 9950.jpg

And we love our silly selfies!

IMG 9955.jpgIMG 9956.jpgIMG 9961.jpg

IMG 9993.jpg

It was wonderful to spend time with Claire, Sara & Kevin.  We’re super excited to be going back in February to meet our new grand baby & spend more time with everyone!!!


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