Magical Spooktacular Trip, Florida & More…October/November 2018

Trick & soooo many fabulous treats!  Sara & Kevin invited us on a Disney Halloween cruise several months ago & we’ve been as excited as any kids to get to go!  Halloween is my favorite holiday & there’s no one I’d rather spend it with than our sweet girls!

Day 1 10.22
Happy 41st Anniversary Danny!  Its not the first time weve been apart on our wedding anniversary & probably wont be the last, but were both so excited to be together in Florida in a couple of days!

Airfare had skyrocketed for the day we needed to fly into Orlando, so we booked Danny a ticket & Phyllis & I took off three days early in the car.  It’s a 20 hour drive if you go straight thru, but I’d allowed two full days since Phyllis was riding with me.  It was a long dayfor her more than me.  We stopped at a yummy place to eat called Feed Co. Table & Tavern in Chattanooga, TN.  The staff was super nice, but I think Phyllis just wanted to be in bed!  We were getting a hotel for the night, (a treat I don’t usually allow myself) but I hate looking for hotels & its probably because I do it so rarely & I’m pretty picky.  I want someplace nice, very clean & modern.  So during dinner & started looking & ended up booking us a really nice room at a Marriot.  

Day 2 10.23
Then we were on the road again the next morning by 9am, with a shorter drive & a new plan.  We were heading straight to Sara’s rather than to the coast to take Phyllis to visit her cousins while we were all on the cruise.  By dinner time we were there…hugging our precious Claire & Emma!

Day 3 10.24
The next day was busy with Claire going to pre-school, but we had lots of hug time with Emma.

IMG 5084.jpg

We filled the downtime with play & fun & not too much picture taking.  Sara is an awesome cook & we all enjoyed a wonderful dinner that evening.

Day 4 10.25
Yay!! Today is the day Danny arrives!!  This morning was Claire’s last swimming lesson, but I was going to miss it.  Sara & Kevin both had to work today.  Claire & Emma’s Nanny, Miss Rose, took the girls while I drove Phyllis over to the coast to her cousins house.  I was a little late getting all the back to the airport, but so very stoked to pick up Danny….& he was over the moon happy to be here!

IMG 5144.jpg

Claire & I played in the camper-car, which is what she calls my 4Runner.  She’s in the stage of not wanting her photo taken…but we’d had fun & my heart is just bursting with joy to be here with Sara’s family!  

IMG 5136.jpg

Sara cooked another fantastic meal!  Sara & Kevin had yet to pack (they are the busiest people I know!) & so fast & furious with very organized chaos, they got the job the done.

Day 5 10.26  On our way to a Magical Kingdom Boat!
We packed up both cars & headed east to Port Canaveral.  Danny & I have never been on a cruise, but this is Sara & Kevin’s 3rd,  Claire’s 2nd & Emma’s 1st.  I was trying not to give any negative energy to the fact that I get motion sickness just riding in the back of cars.  I’d done my prep my putting on a patch yesterday, had another kind of motion meds with me, the wrist bands & even a bag of jolly ranchers someone told me to suck on while on the ship!  

We all headed to the swim deck with our suits, as our rooms wouldn’t be ready for another couple of hours.  Claire & Kevin went for the pool & splash pad right away!  Danny & I were taking it all in & enjoyed some time with Emma & Sara, then finding our way to Claire & Kevin…it was all so exciting!

IMG 6149.jpg

IMG 5333.jpg

We checked into our attached rooms a couple of hours later.  They were so nice, each having their own outside deck…which became one of my favorite places to hang out in the early morning. There was a mandatory on deck ‘here’s what to do if the ships starts to sink’ meet up, which I think had Claire a little worried….  

IMG 5207.jpg

Next it was time for dinner, but we had a little photo op on our way.  

IMG 5249.jpg

The food was really good but the best part was just being together!  Claire & Kevin enjoying their Mickey Bar for desert!  

IMG 5271.jpg

We all went to see a live show in the theatre after dinner.  I had as much fun watching Claire watch the show as I had watching the actual show itself.  

I had brought Halloween pjs to give to the girls & they were a big hit.  I loved loved loved having the adjoining rooms…Claire would just pop over whenever she wanted or we’d get Emma to watch for a few minutes while Sara & Kevin were getting dressed.  

IMG 5280.jpg

We said goodnight with lots of hugs & kisses & closed the door in between.  But Danny & I weren’t ready to turn in.  We’d offered to stay with the sleeping girls while Sara & Kevin went out, but they were exhausted.  So, Danny & I took a late night walk around the ship & ended this wonderful day sharing a beer on our deck with the moon shining on this magnificent ocean!  So. Very. Grateful!

Day 6 10.27  A really busy day!
I woke up early & with our coffee mugs & a thermos wed brought, went up to the deck with the 24 hour coffee & soda available & filled up.  Danny was still asleep when I quietly creeped back into our room & I enjoyed a little time on our veranda watching the beautiful sky.  He soon joined me & this was how we started the day.

IMG 5309.jpg

Later, I was joined by Claire & we had a few minutes of our favorite activity together…reading.  I’d bought them each a new Halloween book & it was just perfect in this special place reading to such a special little girl!

IMG 5316.jpg

Sara & Emma joined us.  This photo would end up being my favorite one of the hundreds I took during my whole trip! (Sara got jammies too!)

IMG 5323.jpg

Let the crazy fun begin!  We all went to breakfast, then swimming, then the splash pad, then snacks, then Emma took a nap, then lunch, then Claire, Emma & Kevin all took naps while Sara & Danny & I de-boated for an hour in Nassau.  Id read that the best thing to do is just stay on the boat & skip this crazy tourist town, but it was a wonderful time-out with Sara whose main goal was to get to Starbucks!  But just our time with our daughter was always special, just visiting about regular stuff, watching her smile & hearing her laughI miss this so much.  I couldnt love Claire & Emma any more, but my little girl who is now a wonderful mom, holds a huge place in my heart & I miss spending time with her.  (uh-oheye leakagetime to move on!)

IMG 5336.jpg

Claire was up & wanted to go see Minnie Mouseher favorite person on the planet other than Sara & Kevin!  She loves, loves, loves Minnie! (Yes, she was still in her pajamas!)

IMG 5350.jpg

IMG 5366.jpg

It was now Halloween fun time!  We all changed into our costumes & went trick or treating around the ship.  It was so fun to see all the kids & grown ups dressed up!

IMG 5372.jpgIMG 5398.jpgIMG 5389.jpg

IMG 5386.jpg

Toy Story come to life!

IMG 5405.jpg

Arrrggghhh!!  Hey Matey, it’s Pirate Party time.  Next up was Pirate night!

IMG 5411.jpg
IMG 5416.jpgIMG 5413.jpg

Emma wondering what was up with Grandpa

IMG 5423.jpgIMG 5431.jpg

There was a live Beauty & the Beast show tonight that Sara, Danny, Claire & I went to, while Kevin put Emma down for the night.  Claire didn’t make it through the whole thing, as this tired little pirate girl fell asleep in her Mommy’s lap before the Beast could turn into the Prince.

IMG 5457.jpg

Sara carried zonked out Claire up on deck as it was a beautiful night!  And there were fireworks!  I love fireworks & over the ocean it was just wonderful!!!

IMG 5481.jpg

Every night when you get back to your room, one of the staff has created something fun on your crisply made bed using the bedspread, blanket or whatever they can find.  The borrowed Danny’s sunglasses to complete our Pirate themed special day!

IMG 5425.jpg

We said good night to our sleeping beauties & then went up on the big swim deck to watch the 11:30pm showing of Pirates of the Caribbean ….one of my super favorite movies.  We got about 1/2 way through it, & it started to sprinkle so we headed back to our room…we were pretty tired too.

We sat on the veranda with only a few sprinkles then none & enjoyed a beautiful dark ride over the waves.  What a super fun dream day it had been!

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