Northern California—Luke & Pete!…March, 2023

Day 1 3.22
We were up early for our flight & anxious to see our new airport that just opened in Kansas City.  It looks pretty nice; laid out more like other cities airports.  Our old one was convenient if you lived here & never wanted any food, but it was very outdated & probably awful if you had any kind of layover.

And then our first adventure began…not the kind you usually hope for.  We boarded one plane twice, flew in & out of 4 different airports, we had multiple delays & reroutes, received 7 boarding passes, & had 5 minutes to spare to catch our last flight & 17 hours later, we made it to Luke & Pete’s!  That made our longer than planned day all worth it.  And, we walked more than 3 miles through all the airports rerouting our steps just like our flights.

Instead of landing in Arcata in the early afternoon, we got there just before 10pm.  Pete came over to Luke & Jordans & we visited for a little bit…Pete had to go to work tomorrow.  So great to be here with these guys!

IMG 9456.JPG

Day 2 3.23
We had a lazy morning at Luke & Jordans house over coffee & conversation.  They just bought it last October & its really nice!

Luke, Jordan, Danny & I went into Arcata to The Pub for lunchgood beer & yummy food. Pete left work a little early & met us at my favorite beer spotDead Reckoning.  They have a great selection of beer, usually have some Russian River Blind Pig or Pliney the Elder & some pinball machines.  While Im not very good at pinball, I love to watch Luke & Pete & Danny play.  Luke & Pete are super competitive…mostly against each other.  I miss them so much & little things like this are just wonderful to watch their interactions.

IMG 9468.JPG

Luke had some things to do & Leia was working, so Pete took us to gaze out at the PacificI love this place!  Theyve been having tons of rain this winterthe whole state has, but we caught a brief break to take in the views & they never disappoint!

A bit of sparkle shines through the sky onto the water.

IMG 9475.JPG

Seals along the river

We all headed over to Lukes for dinner & enjoyed his wonderful chicken tacos.  The guys all watched basketballLuke & Pete are huge fans & I know Danny enjoyed watching the games with his sons!

They pulled out the Klask game we got them for Christmas.& had a good time trying to beat each other.  So happy to be here with them all!

Day 3 3.24
While Luke made a run to his casino in Trinidad, Danny & I walked the beaches up here.  It was spitting rain & one of the trails was closed due to mud slides, but it was a lovely walkvery chilly, but super awesome to watch another storm roll in over the water.  Luke made it back to pick us up just in time, before the rain began again.

IMG 9484.JPG

Happy in California!

IMG 9486.JPG

Big waves & a couple of hardy surfers out there.

IMG 9497.JPG

IMG 9509.JPG

Darkening skies & an approaching storm.

IMG 9513.JPG

Just some colorful fishing stuff near the beach.

IMG 9514.JPG

We walked around Old Town Eureka, had some hot tea (it was really cold out this morning) & I went into a couple of my favorite Made in Humboldt shops.  Danny & I have been living in brown scenery all winter but it was wonderful to see all the green & some flowers popping out too.  Walked by some gorgeous flowering trees in Old Town.

We ended up back at Luke & Jordans, where Jordan was busy making lasagna for all of us for dinner tonight.  Before Pete & Leia got there, we took a walk on a trail that is right next to their housewow!  Id love to have such a cool walking place so close to home!  We bundled up & headed down to the Mad River.

IMG 9531.JPG

It felt like it was going to start raining again, but we got our walk in & stayed dry.  There were a few poppies on one of the hillsides along the road.

IMG 9534.JPGIMG 9539.JPG


The rivers around here are super full; quite a few have flooded during this crazy wet winter.  The Mad is running high & brown right now.

IMG 9532.JPG

Dinner was delicious!  Dessert was…more basketball.  But it was just perfect to sit around & hang out with everyone!

A happy Danny enjoying time with his sons & off work!

IMG 9551.JPG

IMG 9552.JPG

It won’t quit raining, but we’re loving our time here!

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