Summer in Colorado…June/July, 2021

Day 1 6.21
I left home at 5:20am & made it to Denver at 12:45 Colorado time….yay!  I stopped in Conifer to see my cousin Gary & his wife Ann for a lovely visit.  I missed seeing them last year because of Covid.  I have a very small family & I always love catching up with these two!

I stopped to find camping in Buena Vista for the night….

...what a pretty sky!

Day 2 6.22
I left camp at 5:30am & headed over Cottonwood Pass…such a beautiful drive!  Saw this young moose along the way.

Once I landed in my very favorite mountain town, Crested Butte, I headed out to find camping.  It’s changed this year from dispersed to designated & I’ve wondered how that’s going to work…better or worse?  So, early on this Tuesday morning, I went to Slate River & found a bunch of camping.  I chose a smaller spot, knowing I’d be here through the 4th, but my view is fantastic!

I set up the tent to hold my spot, then made coffee & read for a little.  Then I went to town.

There’s a Nepalese lunch spot in the basement of the Secret Stash, run by a man & his wife…everyone calls him Karma.  He wasn’t around last year at all because of Covid, but today I stopped in to get my To-Go-Mo….a rice, lentil & meat dish served in a to-go paper coffee cup.  Yum!

I was anxious to get my feet on the trail, so I hiked a couple of local trails…one called Woods Walk that meets up with the Lower Loop & takes you to the Slate River…so happy to be back here!

Love this view!

Then I went to Bonez for their wonderful Happy Hour.  Had a bit of trip magic at the barthere were three people getting ready to leave & offered me their barstool (the bar was full).  But then we all four got to visiting & it was such a nice conversation.  Then after they left two cousins, who took their seats, proceeded to share their story with me & it was also super fun to hear how theyve reconnected after all this time.  You think the margarita & queso are wonderful, but add some new & interesting personalities in, & it just makes the day even better!

I left Bonez & went back to camp it was soooo quiet & no one was around.  So I took the opportunity to play my music & do some hooping!

Day 3 6.23
I enjoyed my first morning in camp, making coffee & taking in the view.  Then I drove out Kebler Pass to hike Lily Lake.  I was thinking of my good friend Talie, who I did this hike with last year.  She is facing some huge challenges & my thoughts were constantly sending her good vibes & well wishes.  She’s amazing & the most positive interesting person I know.

Back at the Visitors Center I was on the phone with my local hospital, insurance company & doctors office trying to straighten out an enormous bill I’ve been trying to figure out since March.  In the end, I lost, have to pay the huge damn thing, & was trying not to let the info sink my wonderful mood.

But I was meeting Talie for dinner, & my problems are small compared with hers.  I also saw my friend Rick when I got to the Brick while waiting for Talie.  Her & I had a lovely dinner, always interesting conversation & agreed to meet again this Saturday.  Talie also met Rick…two of my best CB friends talking of old CB  times & common friends…I was just smiling big listening to these two.  So very, very grateful they are part of my life!

Back at camp, I stayed up & finished a book called, “The Ride of Her Life”…pretty interesting true story.

Day 4 6.24
I had another lazy coffee morning in camp, then left to go on another hike.

Deer Creek is a 10 mile long mountain bike trailIve only ever hiked the 5 miles on the Gothic sideIm too chicken to drive the road to get to the other end of the trail.  The forecast said it wouldnt rain until 4pm, so I figured I was good.  The flowers were amazing!

Gothic Mountain

But this skies started darkening before I ever made it to the top….so I hiked faster!  It was only around 10:30, but I hiked up with a quick step.

Spotted a little friend along the way!

By the time I was at the top, the skies didn’t look like they were going to wait until late this afternoon.  

I booked it going down until I made it to the car, then out the icky road & about 5 minutes later, the skies let loose with a down pour.  I was down on Gothic road, so I drove to a pullout above the East River where the fisherman park.  I raised the hatch, made a salad, sat in the ‘lounge’ & stayed dry during lunch!

The sky continued to look moody all evening back at camp.but even these moody Colorado skies are wonderful to look at!  I had my afternoon tea, then it was Happy Hour in camp (you know you need to stay hydrated, right?)

It ended up pouring rain all evening & into the night.  But eventually.the full moon showed itself!  

Day 5 6.25
It’s been chilly here at night.  This morning there was fresh snow on top of the mountain!

I woke up this morning feeling awful.  I have been dealing with two different health issues for awhilenothing serious, just weird.  I drove into Paradise Cafe & ate some eggs, toast & bacon, thinking a good breakfast would help my dizziness.  But, instead, I felt worse after eating.  I drove back to camp, opened my hatch & laid back in bed.  I NEVER DO THIS!!!  I try to hike everyday & am not a napper & laying down anytime other than to go to sleep at night, always seems like a waste of precious time to me (this attitude is also fed by the fact I’m an insomniac & couldn’t take a nap if I tried!)

Pete & Leia are currently in Oregon playing in a Pickle Ball tournament & Leia was kind enough to live stream the sessions Pete was in.  I was so happy to see Pete!  And to get to watch him doing something he loves!  And, it made me less crazy just laying there!

I started to feel better & decided to do a short hike to Long Lake.  

Back at camp I had my weekly video chat with Jill, along with a Bourbon & coke.  Then a nice long chat with Luke.  It started raining again & soon it was night so I tucked in under a bunch of covers & read.

Day 6 6.26
I met Talie early this morning to hike up to the gravel pit.a nightly walk we did last year when we camped out here next to each other.  Talie is getting ready to go into the hospital to have her left leg amputatedsuch an awful thing for this outdoor-loving super adventurous woman.  I always enjoy anytime I get to spend with herthis morning was super special.

Oh how my heart breaks for this amazing woman.  She has an upbeat attitude & a will to overcome any obstacle that beats anyone.

IMG 2449.jpg

The flowers in among the Aspens were beautiful.

After a couple of big hugs with Talie, I went to the Last Steep for an early lunch, then drove south to hike Ditch Road (or I also think it’s called East River hike).

The flowers were spectacular along this trail & always, watching the river is mesmerizing.

The Monument Plantone of my favorites!

The hundreds of tiny blossoms on this huge plant are amazing!

The Lupin just lines the trail as it drops down to the East River.

After my hike, I went back to camp & the weather turned a bit ugly.  I read & finished the other 1/2 of my Steep burger.  As the weather cleared, I met my neighbor named Holly.  Wowshe has traveled all over the world & the statesbackpacking mostly & rafted through the Grand Canyon earlier this summerso I was excited to listen to her tell me about her adventures.  Shes recently over joyously moved to Colorado Springs from Ohio.

I was in bed before dark with lots of rain & dropping temps.  It was going to get down into the low 30s tonight.

Day 7 6.27
Today I drove out Kebler Pass to Horse Ranch Park to hike a loop to the Dyke trail.  It all went great (but soooo much uphill climbing) until I thought I took the turn I was supposed to right at the end of the hike.  After retracing my steps a few timesdid you get that?  It looked like I was pacing on the trailI went the way I was sure was wrongonly to find it was the right way.  Ive only done this 7 mile loop once before & I was following someone elseso thats where Im going to lay the blameon a former hike that I wasnt paying super close attention.  No matter, I made my way back to the 4Runnertired & with sore legs.

The views from the trail.

So many pretty white & purple Columbine!


On my way back through town, I stopped at the Brick & visited with Brian (one of the owners ) & Tracy (one of my super fave bartenders!)  Always a good time & good beer at the Brick!

Then I went back to camp & made some tea.  About 7pm it started to rain, so I tucked in & turned on my twinkle lights.

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