Good times with Emma & Claire…Florida, February 2023

We did lots of experiments with Kiwi Crates I brought with me…so much fun & we all learned a lot

IMG 8696.JPG

Claire hammering some Geodes I brought them

Awesome to have Luke & Jordan meet up with all of us (really missed Pete & Leia) who were in Florida for a cruise, but took the time to drive to Orlando to see Sara, Emma & Claire.  And we loved, loved seeing them both too!

IMG 8528.JPG

Emma playing pickle ball with Uncle Luke

Celebrating Emma’s 5th birthday!

She loves Bluey!

IMG 8847.JPG

Emma’s special day ended on a sweet note!

And, no trip is complete, without a out of control dance party!  (And Luke, Pete, Leia & Jordan’s gift of disco lights made it fantastic!)

(They love the way Grampa flips them over his shoulder…it’s his signature move.  I think if he tried it with me, he’d be quickly on his way to retirement!)

There’s always ice cream (pic taken after the ice cream was long gone!) & baking (strawberry Peeps were fun to make, but a tasting fail!)

IMG 8771.JPG

We had a sleep over one night at our AirBnB

I took lots of Barbie stuff I’d been saving for them back at our house

IMG 8693.JPG

Love enjoying this nice Florida weather outside with these active girls!

DE1F507F-769D-46E1-830A-E404BA01A31C.jpg IMG 8740.JPG IMG 8832.JPG IMG 8818.JPG

Emma’s first T-ball practice (tongue out…just like her Uncle Pete used to do)

Contemplative Claire

Presents from Mexico!

Sisters….love love love playing together

IMG 8712.JPG

IMG 8796.JPG

And so much laughter!

And NOT posing for Grampa when he wants a photo, but a whole lot of cuteness!

IMG 8582.JPGIMG 8629.JPG

IMG 8605.JPG IMG 8839.JPG

They got ‘replacement’ KU Jayhawk beach towels (theirs drowned in the flood)

Always, always so much fun to be with these girls & really enjoyed our time with Sara.  Can’t believe how fast these little girls are growing up…Emma reading now; Claire involved with school friends & sleepovers.  Their house is still a shell; waiting for the re-construction to begin. Sara & Kevin have their plates more than full with these two, everyone’s schedules & the million decisions that come with a house that has been flooded & the loss of so many of their belongings.

Never want to say good bye, but always can’t wait until the next time!  Love this family so much & always, always miss them!


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