Visiting Pete & Luke...Arcata 10.2009

I love arcata...Luke and Pete have made a great life in this beautiful place...lots of friends, jobs they enjoy, and so much to do in their spare time

tuesday....flying into’s going to be a full moon soon...way cool.  I finally landed in arcata, after 11 hours of travel, through 5 different airports first morning in arcata, I walked
downtown from Luke’s to enjoy some coffee and the plaza

the plaza is the hub of social activity in this town…
surrounded by all kinds of little funky shops

our project of the day was to assist pete with laying sod in his backyard


he’s been working all summer, moving the rock that filled the yard and building flower and vegetable beds

there’s a shed in their backyard, which contains a hot tub...which will eventually get moved outside on the  concrete pad


it’s not a big backyard, but the grass will make it nicer for spending these glorious california days and evenings outside.  it didn’t take us very long…


and before we knew it, we were down to the last strip.  it was such a nice day to undertake this project

yeah!  a nice grassy backyard...then, shannon and I were off to get lunch at the Camel Rock Cafe

we picked up salads and sandwiches and a couple of locally brewed beers...including tangerine of my favs


back at the house...the dogs were exhausted from watching us work all afternoon…. you can tell, they rule at this house


dexter and one happy guy to have such a big project completed!  retired sod layer...just chillin out

 in the day, I drove to the beach in of fav spots here


the seals were napping on one of the rocks.  the fishing boats were on their way back to the harbor


I never tire of these views.  it had been such a nice day....although, as evening fell, the cool air and ocean winds came with it


luke arrived with “can’t wait to run and fetch”, blue and kaya.  I think this is one of luke’s favorite things to with the dogs on the beach


see the moon?...the water, the rocks, the sand....all eyecandy

one last view before heading to the casino to check out the new poker room at chere heights...the casino that luke works at


luke loves his great big doggie-nephew…dexter.  thursday.....I’ve walked to a new little eatery/coffee house just a couple of blocks from luke’s’s called blondies...and it’s really cute inside

luke, sarah, shannon and pete at the trinity river farm...the place pete and shannon might choose for their wedding


rows and rows of flowers...these would make great bouquets

the sight above the river

playing down by the river

sarah and luke

this is where the ceremony would take place



   the owners have a really nice veggie stand



we drove farther north to where the trinity and klamath rivers join.  it was really beautiful

all is happy


after the river trip, we visited the big foot museum...this was shannon and luke’s least it was free...but amazing how many books have written on the subject.  dexter is one big dog


pete and dexter playing.  “uncle luke” really loves playing with the dogs



the rough-housing continues.  two happy guys



luke and pete and I drove about 35 miles north of arcata, to where the klamath river dumps into the pacific ocean.  the river is on the beautiful.  2 1/2 years ago in may, pete and I were here and spotted a pod of whales...but they weren’t here today

we decided to go on a hike


what an awesome view.  we started on the coastal trail


the trail was in the forest with views of the ocean.  lots of wonderful and lush ferns and mosses along the trail


we could hear lots of seals barking, but couldn’t get down to where they were or even see them...but they were way loud. 


luke...running up a rock.  the boys each had their own rock to run up

they both decided not to climb down, but just jumped

a tree growing on the top of this rock 


this was called “hidden beach”...really cool.  this area was filled with lots of neat rocks and tons of driftwood


exploring this really neat beach.  along the trail on the way back


when we finished our hike and got back to the trailhead, lots of fisherman were down by the river.  just awesome!

the mountains in the background


pastels in the park was happening (there is ALWAYS some sort of event happening here)


all of the creations were super colorful


duane flatmo is the famous Arcata artist creating this drawing... ...I only know him because he designs the labels for all of lost coast and funky labels...really yummy beer

they had a great little section set up for little kids to test out their creativity also


there was a band that played and encouraged people to dance &  jugglers and hoola-hoopers


the farmers market wound around the square, in between the sidewalk artists and the shops and restaurants.  there’s’s always such a great mix of colors, and might make a person want to cook.  and of course, wonderful flowers.  arcata is home to one of the largest commercial greenhouses in the country


I loved this idea...the sign on the typewriter case said “poem store...your subject and price”.  so, I gave her a subject and she typed me a poem

my poem...the subject?  embracing life after 50

luke and evan (the other kansas boy) met us before lunch to see what was happening


we were on our way to find a noodle shannon likes really well.  after our curried rice/noodles, we went out to the arcata scoop...home of some relly amazing ice cream

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