2. Christmas & Birthday Celebrations in Florida…December, 2021

On Thursday, our last day here, the fun took another direction.  Claire’s 7th birthday was next week, & while we’d miss it, we wanted to celebrate it with her!.  So, the morning began with opening a special gift…a kaleidoscope.  I’d bought this for Claire when she was 3 months old, from Nelly Bly’s…the largest kaleidoscope store in the world in the tiny town of Jerome, AZ.  I’d been waiting all this time to give it her when I thought she might enjoy it most…& 7 was the lucky number.  She carefully read the enclosed note about when & where I’d bought this tiny treasure…it was my first travel gift for my first grand daughter!

Emma liked looking through it too…I have a love of these little magical machines!

One of the cool things about this one, is that you can take photos with your phone through the lens.  So we headed outside to look at the trees, leaves, sky, etc. & then started taking some super cool photos!

A change of clothes, another game of chess & then we grabbed the stroller & headed out for an afternoon of celebration & good times.  We walked to their local eatery & Claire opened another gift (Chaco sandals she requested…a girl after my own heart!)

IMG 7474.jpgIMG 0563.jpg
IMG 0559.jpg

Then we headed towards Claire’s school where there is a wonderful little park!

IMG 7476.jpg IMG 7478.jpg

IMG 7487.jpg

IMG 7490.jpg

And, perfectly placed right down the road, is the girls favorite ice cream store!

Then it was back to the house to open the last of her birthday gifts!

IMG 7510.jpgIMG 7513.jpgIMG 0568 copy.jpgIMG 0569.jpg

And here’s just some random photos.  We had a great time!  I miss them everyday & am missing so much of their growing up!  

IMG 7511.jpgIMG 0508.jpg IMG 7366.jpgIMG 7317.jpg
IMG 0479.jpg

We both felt so grateful to have gotten to see the family…that’s the best gift of all!

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