Christmas & Birthday Celebrations in Florida…December, 2021

It was a last minute & quick trip to Florida for my last trip of 2021…but we were thrilled to be going!  We packed a lot of fun into a few short days!  We flew in (thank goodness our flight had not been cancelled, as many travelers holiday schedules were thrown off by a lack of airline workers due to Covid) & arrived late Christmas afternoon!

After the girls & Sara & Kevin opened their gifts, Sara made a yummy dinner, then just chilled out for the rest of the night.

The next day held a new surprise for all of us…they had not been inside a movie theater since Covid began.  So to celebrate Christmas & Claire’s upcoming birthday, we drove to Disney Springs early Sunday morning & walked around the very empty but usually crowded area.  After about an hour, we all went to see the new movie “Sing 2” & into a movie theatre that was all our own!  Yep…Kevin had rented the entire Covid-safe space & we all had a blast!  We sat in several different seats & danced & danced to the music…it was great & most importantly, the girls had a blast! 

And, the next three days, we played & played!

Emma is like me…we love costumes!

IMG 0511.jpgIMG 0515.jpg
IMG 7297.jpg

We took as many walks as we could…loving this wonderful Florida weather & playing with the girls outside!

They love to construct their Lego sets!

We got the girls Storybook Chess for one of their gifts…it was a huge hit with Claire, who picked up on the game super quick.  She loved for Danny to help her (she learned he’s much better at games than I am!)

Claire has taught Emma to write her name & wow!…Emma loves to practice!

We went to the Botanical Gardens one night which was all lit up for the holidays!  The kids had so much fun running around!

The biggest hit of the night was the snow-bubble machine!  It sure was great watching them play in the Florida-snow while I was in shorts & sandals.

IMG 7434.jpgIMG 7435.jpg

We made all kinds of decorations for a New Years Party.  We wouldn’t be there for the celebration, but we had a good time making it all.

IMG 7313.jpgIMG 7315.jpg

Happy 2022! (Sara sent us this photo on NYE…the party was in full swing!)

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