2.  Emma & Claire! & Exploring the SouthEast…September & October, 2020

Day 10 9.28-Day 16 10.4
And I was fortunate to get to stay another week!  And we played, hugged, read, crafted, imagined & packed in everything we could!  Oh I love love love these girls

Recess in the jungle!

The park opened today!

IMG 5488.jpgIMG 5501.jpg

Sara doing experiments with the girls & dry ice…they had a blast!

Claire made her own costume to be a vet for school.

IMG 5568.jpgIMG 5574.jpg

Claire is reading to Emma!

And then it was time for me to say goodbye.  Loved every single minute of my time with these two!  Oh how I’ll miss them!

IMG 5238.jpgVGBY7506.jpg

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