Emma & Claire! & Exploring the SouthEast…September & October, 2020

Day 1 9.19
We’re so excited to be headed down to see Emma & Claire!  It’s been over 7 months & we can’t wait!  We took off early on a Saturday morning & drove straight though….the drive is a beast, but so very worth it!

Day 2 9.20-Day 9 9.27
We arrived on Sunday morning & the hugs were the best ever!  So great to see the girls & Sara & Kevin!  They have changed so much since February, but I was determined not to be sad about the time lost with them, but to enjoy every single moment of our precious time together now!  And thats what we did!

The costumes were a hit!

IMG 4958.jpg IMG 5046.jpg

Princess Sisters

Emmas favorite thing to do is read & look at books!

IMG 5063.jpgIMG 4995.jpg

They love to play & read in ‘camper car”.

Emma so loves her Grandpa…every morning when I’d come down, the first thing she’d say was, “Where’s Grandpa?"

IMG 5079.jpg IMG 5153.jpg IMG 5240.jpg IMG 5340.jpg

They love to play in the pool!

IMG 5193.jpgIMG 5262.jpg

Fierce Girl!

She studies every single page.

This is how Emma watches movies.

IMG 5422.jpg

We found a ‘jungle’ to play in!

IMG 5353.jpgIMG 5359.jpg

So glad the girls love books!  And now Claire is reading on her own, but always special to spend time together reading.

Claire started virtual Kindergarten this year.  She was Student of the Week this week!

IMG 5111.jpgIMG 5095.jpg

We celebrated the Autumn Equinox.



Claire rockin’ in her Chacos!

Danny’s time there went way too fast…and saying good bye is so very very hard.

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