2. Soloing with Emma & Claire!... October.2019

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There might be a future Doctor in the house…but definitely a cute & willing patient

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Claire’s pre-school has a Fun Fest fundraiser every year & everyone has a blast!

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Emma braving the Bounce-House with the big kids

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Claire’s favorite game was fishing & Emmas was playing in the duck pond

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Pool time with Daddy!

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Pirates, treasure hunts & cookie monster!

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Playing in their neighborhood park on a beautiful morning!

Claire is a climber & fearless!

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We spent the day at Disney Springs…it was so beautiful out!  Emma got a new Bubble Wand & Claire got some new Minnie Ears…I guess one can never have too many

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My "last night” (I’ll be leaving around 4:45am in the morning) selfie with these two oh-so precious love-them-to-pieces darling little girls!  I’ve missed them so much & hate to leave. I am so sad Danny couldn’t be here to share all the hugs, laughs, tickles, dress-ups, & listening to them talk & joke.  What a great time I had!

Don’t know when I get to come back but it won’t be soon enough & keeping my fingers crossed Danny gets to join me & these sweeties next time!  

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