Soloing with Emma & Claire!... October.2019

Boo! My favorite holiday is coming soon….
Sara & Kevin were planning a trip to Denver for a long weekend; just the two of them.  I’d be babysitting during that time then  Kevin would fly home early in the week to vacation with the girls while Sara would stay in Denver for an ER Physician's Conference through Wednesday…that was the plan.  Danny was broken hearted he’d be staying behind & I was too.  His sister, Terri, is staying at our house  to help out since his mom continues to need 24/7 care, but there was no way Danny could get away.  I was so stoked to be seeing the girls…I just wish ‘Grandpa’ was along to share the fun.  As always, not a ‘play by play’ day by day commentary here…just lots of pics of us having fun!

Thursday night soccer….

IMG 7270.jpg

Gki brought new shoes!

IMG 7279.jpgIMG 7282.jpg

IMG 7289.jpgIMG 7291.jpg


IMG 7317.jpgIMG 7318.jpg

IMG 7339.jpgIMG 7314.jpg

Playing in the ‘pillow pit'

IMG 7365.jpgIMG 7351.jpg

Making hats!

IMG 7409.jpg
IMG 7418.jpgIMG 7310.jpg

Playing hair salon

IMG 8203.jpg

IMG 7388.jpgIMG 7435.jpg

Miss Rose, their Nanny, took us to a bird sanctuary one day.  The kids really enjoyed looking at all the rescued birds.  Then she suggested we go out to dinner at Cracker Barrel.  Id never been there before…it has a huge shopping area as you walk in!   So. Much. Stuff!  I bought dinner for everyone but she promised to buy them each something from the toy section.  Emma grabbed these stuffies…then I broke the news to her she can’t take them all home.  Uh-Oh…Gki fail!

IMG 7429.jpg
IMG 7443.jpgIMG 7450.jpg

How to eat an ice cream sandwich...

IMG 7525.jpgIMG 7452.jpg

In the ‘Zone’…watching Sophia before bedtime

Getting ready for dance class & Halloween!

IMG 7554.jpgIMG 7492.jpg

IMG 7575.jpgIMG 7570.jpg

IMG 7567.jpgIMG 7592.jpg

IMG 7620.jpgIMG 7643.jpg

Claire loves to pretend to be a monster!

IMG 7693.jpgIMG 7626.jpg

IMG 7716.jpgIMG 7727.jpg

Claire looked way cuter in my Hei Hei costume than I did!

Both the girls had colds, but that didn’t keep’em down!

IMG 7764.jpgIMG 7774.jpg

Bo Peep (Toy Story 4) & Minnie Mouse were ready for the party!

IMG 7781.jpgIMG 7790.jpg

My Minnie sitting in her backyard taking in all the fun

IMG 7807.jpg

They have a wonderful neighborhood to Trick or Treat through & a huge group of friends that all go together…& the weather was perfect!

IMG 7848.jpgIMG 7855.jpg

Recorders were the best Halloween Treat!

IMG 7888.jpgIMG 7891.jpg

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