3. Summer in the Mountains of Colorado…June, July, & August, 2022

Day 16 7.7
Well this early morning photo is kind of weird.. .. What’s up with the red circle & blue dot?

I was up early to meet Rose & her family to hike up Scarp Ridge.  We met at the 4way then drove out & up to the trailhead.  It was fun hiking with the little kids & the big kids too & of course, also with Rose & Brian.

Up there above the rock pile is the oldest kid & the youngest kid of the crew…making better time than any of the rest of us.

Henry & Rose!

So happy to spend time with the lovely lady!!

View from the top looking towards Green Lake.

And some wildflowers too!

After the hike, we all met back in town & had yummy pizza at the Secret Stash.  Then it was hugs all around & saying goodbye.  I’m so glad they came to this little place that’s pretty perfect & grateful I got to hike, laugh, converse & spend time with all of them.

Back at camp I just hung out for a couple of hours, then drove in & met Rick for a drink at the Talk of the Town, then back to camp for a quiet evening.

Day 17 7.8
I drove out Slate River road to the Poverty Gulch river crossing.  But, I no longer cross the river in my 4Runner or drive the crazy road…I just hike it.  It’s 2 miles…going & coming back, but it’s a pretty walk & there’s nothing stressful about the walk (vs. the drive).  There’s a really pretty waterfall at the beginning of the road!

There are so many…maybe 9? waterfalls along this road & trail.

It’s lush & green & water everywhere!  And, today, there are no other people…just me on the trail.

The views of all the surrounding mountains are gorgeous.  

This is the same road then trail that takes you up to Daisy Pass.  I’ve hiked up to Daisy about 4 times…never liking it once.  Then last year, I fell on my way back down from the top spraining my ankle & had to stop hiking for about 3 or 4 days.  So, it was never my intention to hike up to Daisy Pass today (or maybe never again).  But I love this hike for it’s waterfalls!

Before I could continue on though, a big plug of snow covered the trail.  It had water running underneath it…I think they call this a snow bridge…watch out crossing these!  They tend to drop you down into the bottom.  So, I turned around & headed back.

No excitement for the rest of the day….I did laundry & went back to camp.

Day 18 7.9
Drama in my campsite at 11:30pm last night.  My site is at the very end of the camp road.  At 11:30 a big light shown in my car window…this truck & trailer had lumbered down the road expecting to find camping on a late Saturday night.  Then he couldn’t turn around in the dark.  So, he gunned his truck & went forward, shut it down, got out, & him & a woman went into the trailer for the night.  I of course was wide awake.  I thought he might have run over my tent or at least one of the guy lines.  I didn’t sleep much at all.  I stuck a lantern in the tent just it would show up the rest of the night.

In the morning, while they were cozily sleeping & not seeming to be in any hurry to ‘get out of my campsite’, I checked over my tent.  That big truck & trailer had driven then parked only 6’ from it’s door.  I’m sure if someone had been sleeping in that tent, it would have scared the crap out of them.

The woman finally showed her face around 9am as another truck drove into my camp to talk to them.  Turns out their friends were camped in the area below me.  I asked her when she thought they’d be leaving…that I was expecting someone else to share my camp with & she said soon.   But, then their truck wouldn’t start.  Finally, about 2 hours later, they figured out how to back up the trailer & leave.  Oh, the life of wilderness camping.  Most of the time it’s great…once in awhile, you just have to take a deep breath & figure out how to move stupid people.

But, nothing could tamper my excitement for today.  About 11pm Kansas time last night, Danny left for his week of vacation out here.  He drove until about 3am, slept in a rest area, then hit the road.  I was tracking his route & way too excited to take off on a trail.  I did a photo dump on my laptop, read for awhile, then went for my favorite pancake at Paradise Cafe.  I stopped by the library to return a book & check more out, then it was back out to camp to wait.

He’s pretty happy to be here!

Our usual tradition when he gets here, is just sit & catch up & share a beer or two.  It feels like I’ve been gone forever from him this time….because I’m pretty sure since March, I’ve been gone more from him than I’ve spent time with him.  He’d brought all kinds of yummy food, including our favorite…..my homemade tacos.  What a wonderful evening sharing it with Danny, our fave Bourbon County Stout & tacos.  Life is good!

Day 19 7.10
We started our morning with coffee in camp, then made a quick plan change.  Danny had a headache this morning; probably the altitude & lack of sleep.  So, we changed from a big hike to something smaller, but really lovely.  We went up to Hunter Hill, & hiked the Bridges trail though the cool & quiet Aspen forest, then Upper Upper Loop to the Whetstone Vista intersection.

He looks good in spite of not much sleep for the past three nights & especially with the drive out here.

Happy to be reunited in a place we both love so much.

I love this little hike close to town, easy, cool & only birdsong…never too many people on this trail.

I knew I’d be cooking more now than ever with so many restaurants closed.  We’d devised a menu together before he came out.  Tonight, we had quesadillas & tequila cocktails…yum!  We usually spend the evenings outside or inside the castle (a huge pop up Coleman tent) when the weather is bad.  But a big storm blew up…super windy & chilly.   We each tucked in to our individual car-campers & watched the storm cozied up inside.

Once the storm broke, we met up again outside for another beer.  So glad he’s here!

Day 20 7.11
Danny was feeling good this morning so we went for one of Crested Buttes’ great trails…not super easy, but we were ready.  Rustlers Gulch is known for their big show of wildflowers & it was a beauty this year! (Danny snapped a few photos of me.)

Hiking up the valley surrounded by millions of every colored wildflower!

There are several water crossings along this trail…feet are always getting wet!

Feeling good on the trail!

And so many awesome lovely flowers with fantastic mountains in the distance.

Looking up the valley with the trail on the left.

The waterfall at the top.

We went back to camp for breakfast burritos then into town for an ice & water run; then to see ConBrio at the free concert in the park.  Back at camp we had a bit of rain, shared camp cocktails in the castle & planned our day for tomorrow.

Day 21 7.12
We drove out to Gothic road, parked & started 10 mile RT hike to Copper Lake.  Another trail with several water crossings…we love our Altra Lone Peak trail runners that dry as you wear them…we just blow through the streams!

Copper Lake with East Maroon Pass trail behind it.

We recreated this photo in the exact same spot (if we remember correctly) of one we took about 10 years ago.  I’ll have to wait to get home to see IF we still look the same! (trying to find the laughing emoji for that statement!).

Big view.

On the way back, we walk by Judd Falls…so pretty.

This hike always tires us out.  We went into town & had a yummy pizza at the Stash.  I usually only get their slices when I’m by myself….can’t eat a whole pizza & I hate leftover pizza at camp.  So, it’s always a treat to get to choose off their menu.

IMG 2609.JPG

After we ate, we met Rick, Greta & a friend of theirs named Stuart at Kochevars for a beer.  It’s the oldest bar in CB…it doesn’t have any great beer, but it was super fun to sit & chat with everyone & Danny enjoyed seeing our friends too.

Back out at camp, we were ready for bed.  We watched the full moon rise…it was glorious!

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