8. Summer in the Mountains of Colorado…June, July, & August, 2022

Day 50 8.10
We have really been enjoying our lazy mornings in camp.  The one HUGE hike we’d talked about doing, I think will not happen this year.  We both hope we’re in good enough shape to do it next year.  So, we’re opting for some last lazy mornings (we’ve been up over 12,000’ for 4 days in a row) & some nice but not long brutal hikes for our last couple of days.  

I made our breakfast in camp, trying to use up some of the food Danny brought out.  I miss going to Paradise Diner for breakfast, but the wait times for both seating & food are long…there’s just not many places to eat breakfast in CB anymore.  And, we’ve been enjoying spending that time at camp in the early morning sun.  We tried to video chat with Emma this morning, but sadly, she’s just not into it…at least with us.  I even sent my books home with Danny last trip, since she doesn’t seem to like being read to over the phone.  I get it…she’s 4, but I miss those girls so much.  Claire started 2nd grade today, but she gets bored easily on the phone too.  Makes me sad, but I know they have other things they’d rather be doing.  (If any of you are long distance grandparents & have ideas about how to make the video calls more interesting to the kids, please let me know.  I miss talking them so much!)

Talie is wanting to get her road box back up & secured on top of her 4Runner hoping she can go south for the winter—camping & seeing friends & biking along the way.  So, we offered to help her & got it up there & ready to go for her winter adventures.

We did the hike to Lily Lake…it was practically an empty trail & for once, not muddy.  It was a nice afternoon hike…the weather has been great during the day & somedays no rain or storms at all.

The view of the Castles were obscured by the light….it was weird & unfortunate we couldn’t see them very well.

Lily Lake

We were all excited for tonight at camp.  My friend Tracy & her husband John, were coming out to visit & share some beer.  It started pouring rain right before they got there, so we all ended up inside the Castle for about 30 minutes.  Then Danny built an awesome SMOKELESS fire (our first for this season that didn’t smoke for the first hour) & we all enjoyed a super fun evening chatting & laughing & having some good beer.  Both times Tracy has been out to camp & have been some of my most favorite nights.  She’s such a super cool woman & she gave me insights on one of the places I”d like to raft…turns out we not only have the same favorite beer, but the rafting place & I was asking about is one of her favorites.  What a wonderful evening sharing it with friends in this amazing place!

The Supermoon isn’t until tomorrow night…but we all thought this one rising by the Butte, was pretty Super!

Day 51 8.1
Talie & Danny & I call these three male deer our boys.  They sometimes come out in the evening but we all thought they came to say good bye to us todayit was my last day in Crested Butte this summer. 

We said our good byes & hugs to Talie….I’m confident she’ll find her new path in life & still fill it with adventures, writing & tons of new friends.  It was so great getting to spend so many camp evenings & mornings with her!

But breaking down camp, turned out to be a waaayyyy longer process than we’d anticipated.  The one negative thing about staying in CB into early August, is that the cows are released into the forest.  Which means having them all around your camp—drinking out of your pee bucket (yes…woke me up about 5am right next to the 4Runner…but at least I shooed it off before it ate my bucket!), eating the ashes out of your fire pit (no one ever said cows were smart) but worse is pooping in your campsite.  Last night before our “party’, Danny tried scooping cow patties out of the middle of camp…they were way too fresh.  He ended up covering them..which you’ll see how well that worked.

The tents had gotten a soaking in last evenings downpour, so I unstaked them & rolled them over to dry in the hot mountain sun.  All was good until I went to break them down as soon as they were dry & realized I rolled the top metal piece …the one with all the pole holes, screws & minute little places…into a fresh cow patty.  So, we began the process of trying to clean that mess up.  We continued to pack things away, trading items Danny would take home for me & items I wanted him to leave with me.

Then right before we were ready to leave, I managed to step in the cow patty I’d successfully avoided for the past day.  My chaco sandal bottoms are as knobby as can be…just perfect for filling in with fresh cow pie.  And, so we cleaned it off as best we could & finally said good bye to our lovely campsite (even if it’s got a ton of cow shit in it now).

It was once again, later in the day, but we made our way over to East Brush Creek trail.  Usually super busy, it was quiet today.  Not as many flowers blooming here…it’s one of the earliest to show off it’s wildflowers & one of the earliest to lose them.  But, I love this hike with views of the Deer Creek red mountains, Teocolli & the East River.  Always a bit melancholy when it’s my last day here.

Danny hadn’t hiked this trail yet this year, & got to sit on the new bench.

Even Dandelions are magical here, but a sign that summer is almost over in the mountains.

My last hiking shot of the summer…the beautiful sky with the winding East River below….I always miss this place when I’m not here.

We drove (now in two separate cars) to the Slate River & did a little clean up of ourselves (& my chacos) in the water.  It was just beginning to rain as we left the river.  Then I did one last load of laundry, while Danny ran our usual ice & water errands.

We had plans early evening to meet up with Rick & Greta one last time for a beer & a final chat for the summer.  Greta introduced us to a new friend, Elizabeth, who had fascinating stories about her summers as child growing up in Gothic.  Always interesting conversations with Rick & Greta too.so grateful to know them!

The rain was really coming down now, & the temps felt super chilly.  We said good bye to one of our favorite places on the planet & drove south heading over Jacks Cabin Cutoff, over Cottonwood Pass then hopefully camping outside of Buena Vista for the night.  

On our way around Taylor Reservoir at dusk, a mama & baby moose were enjoying the evening.  I just wanted to get over the pass & without hitting any wild animals.  Seems like I’ve been dodging deer all along the way.

It was about an hour later than I’d like to be trying to find camping in the dark.  I have camped out by the tunnels quite a few times.  My favorite spot was taken, but I found another one soon.  We just needed a place to park for the night & to take off from early in the morning.  It was down into the low 40’s by this time, so after we both parked our “campers” we shared a beer inside Danny’s truck, then said good night.  We didn’t get to see the Supermoon rise because of cloud cover, but I did manage to see it in the middle of the night.

Day 52 8.12
I made us each a cup of coffee to-go in camp.  We stopped by Lowbacks bakery in Buena Vista for a couple of donuts & a Kolache…which neither of us had ever had before.  It’s kind of a small sausage & cheese rolled up in dough & baked.  Neither of us thought the Kolache or the donut was super great….I think we’re getting pickier in our old age (if it’s not a warm light fluffy Krispy Kreme…I'm good to pass on donuts).

Then we started the drive into Colorado Springs, which we were both over the top excited about who we were meeting there.  But, we arrived in the Springs too early for our meet up, so I took us for a short hike to Red Rocks Canyon Open Space.  Danny had never been here before.  It’s not as cool as Garden of the Gods, but it was a nice morning…only getting hotter…& we both wanted to stretch our legs after our morning drive.

So, Luke & Jordan have been in Denver most of the past week going to concerts at Red Rocks.  We all coordinated to meet up in the Springs, since they had friends they were visiting on Saturday in Florissant.  They’d reserved a sweet 2 bedroom AirBNB in Colorado City & it ended up being the perfect place & location.

We met up at Shugas in downtown Colorado Springs….my very favorite place to eat that town & Luke & I both have good memories of this place.  His friend Adi introduced us to Shugas so long ago.  But I always try to stop & eat here when I come through…the food is really awesome & I always remember Adi when I’m here.

Yum….Shugas Jalapeno Mac & Cheese & their amazing Spicy Brazilian Coconut Shrimp Soup.  All worth the wait.   

IMG 4046.JPG

Luke & Jordan

It was getting hotter…in the low 90’s but we all wanted to go for a hike & this was Jordan’s first time to the Springs.  We suggested the iconic Garden of the Gods…it’s unusual, has tons of trails, a bit of shade, but is definitely a Springs must-do.

Luke…so great to see him.  It’s been way too long.

After our hot hike, we checked into the sweet little house on the hill…perfect location & nice deck in back.  We all sat around & visited for the rest of the late afternoon.  Steve, Lukes good friend, came up to go out to dinner with us.  (I love hanging out with Steve…he’s always so willing to meet up whenever I’m in Colorado or Florida & its always a great time…even if he’s not an Ed Sheeran fan.)  We walked down into Colorado City only a couple of blocks from the house & had a nice dinner at an Italian restaurant.  After we got back to the house, we were all sitting out on the porch & Steve got surprised by a huge bear in front of his car!  The bears are hungry & desperate for food this time of year, so they're coming into towns to find some easy food.

Danny & I took showers before we turned in for the night.  The shower felt great, but I was already missing my bed in the 4Runner…it would be the first night in 52 that I was in an actual bed.

Day 53 8.13
This was the view from the back deck of the AirBNByep, thats Pike Peak were looking at.  We had a wonderful morning visiting with Luke over coffee & warm sunshine & big views.  Luke is so fun to be around & is living his best life.  All parents want is for your kids to be happy.  Danny & I are so thankful all of ours are super happy, doing well, healthy & awesome adults!  We sure cherish these moments we get to spend with them.  Miss them all.every single day.

So Luke & his friends had plans for the day, & so did me & Danny.  I’ve been wanting to visit the town of Arvada…specifically Olde Town ever since my friend Sherry Ott wrote an article on all the fun things to do there.  If you love travel, you should definitely check out her whole website.  But our plan for today was to drive up to Arvada, just on the outskirts of Denver, explore during the day, then Danny would leave from there to drive back to Kansas.  I had plans to meet up with Sherry later that night in Arvada.

I made a list of all the places she visited & checked them off one by one.  We stopped first for lunch at Schoolhouse Kitchen & Libations.  This is such a cool vibe & a great place to order a drink —they have a huge full bar as well as plenty of taps for beer—& sit & just take in all the funky decor.  We each ordered a cocktail, split a Monte Cristo & took our time taking in the atmosphere.  It ended up being one of my fave places here in Olde Town Arvada.

The bar…very cool.

Our yummy drinks…& we shared!  And the bulletin board in the women’s bathroom (Danny’s said the mens was “I will not pee on the seat”.)

IMG 4098.JPG IMG 4100.JPG

The bar-top made of pencils.

IMG 4091.JPG IMG 4102.JPG

After we ate we strolled the town, most of which is Pedestrian only, & checked out all the little shops & other places to eat & drink.  There is a sock shop, candy store & toy stores…I love to check out stores like this! (Always on the lookout for Claire & Emma gifts!)

IMG 4107.JPGIMG 4103.JPG

IMG 4109.JPG

IMG 4110.JPG

Some cool-- literal--street art they had in a couple of places.

IMG 4116.JPG

We strolled into the Denver Beer Co for a Barrel Aged Stout they had on tap.

IMG 4117.JPG

Turns out they have a party in Olde Town on the second Saturday of each month & it was starting around 5pm tonight.

There were two different stages playing in this small area of Olde Town.

As darkness fell, the lights came up & the party just continued.  The kids playing in this splash pad were having a blast.

Sherry had a work dinner tonight in West Arvada, then we planned to meet up.  She mentioned she wanted to take me to a Speakeasy she had discovered.

I told her I thought the Speakeasy she wanted to take me was closed…she just smiled & said come on!  She knew the secret.  While the liquor store it’s housed in was closed for business…Sherry knew the secret of the lighted key in the window…it meant the Speakeasy was open.  I love stuff like this!  We didn’t have to wait long, & then we were escorted behind a bland stockroom door & into this candle lit, brick walled super cute little bar.   

We ordered drinks & immediately began to catch up.  Mostly I asked her about her upcoming travels.  She has some big international adventures coming up.  I loved hearing about them tonight, but can’t wait till she goes, does, explores, hikes, bikes, eats & photographs…all that fun stuff she does on her awesome trips & then writes about it & posts great pictures so we all get a virtual taste of so much fun.  Here’s her Instagram & Facebook pages too.

IMG 4140.JPGIMG 4143.JPG

The Stockroom—made of Bourbon, Pineapple Amaro, Spiced Pear & Bitters…yum!  It was great to catch up with Sherry again & she is always generous in inviting to me crash at her sweet apartment when Im in town.  And, Im always grateful.

IMG 4145.JPG

The towns water tower all lit up at night as I walked to my car.

We made our way down the road into Denver & back to her place.  It’s always a transition period for me to be out of the wilderness, off the trails & out of camp & back into the cities, the traffic, the noise, the lights & all the modern conveniences….&  even though I’m having fun & loving seeing my family & friends, it gets harder everytime I leave the wild places.  This time is going to take awhile for sure.

Day 54 8.14
Sherry had a ton of work to get done today & she’s getting ready to head out of town sooner than later.  I also had some stuff I wanted to do while here in Denver.  My first stop was Argonauts, one of my fave liquor stores in this city.  Last night Sherry & I were discussing beer & she told me that New Belgium had a spicy (as in pepper) pumpkin beer that comes out about now, but sells out quickly.  This peaked my curiosity….I used to love pumpkin beers, but haven’t had too many the last few years, but I love chili beers.  Argonauts had just received the shipment & told me it definitely would be gone soon & the guy I met raved about it’s flavor & texture.  I bought three 6 packs…one to take home for me & Danny & two to leave as a thank you gift for Sherry letting me bunk at her place for a few nights.  It’s New Belgiums Voodoo Ranger Atomic Pumpkin made with habanero chili’s….sounds different but yummy.

Sherry has also written an article called “19 Things To Do When You Are New To Denver” .  Theres some information about all the murals in the Rhino District.  I re-read it this morning, then took off on a mural hunt!  I love to wander in cities on Sunday mornings…it always feels so laid back, less trafficked with both vehicles & people, & this morning was super quiet.  Here’s just a bit of what’s on the walls of this part of Denver.

IMG 4152.JPG IMG 4154.JPG IMG 4164.JPG IMG 4165.JPG IMG 4166.JPG IMG 4172.JPGIMG 4170.JPG IMG 4174.JPG

IMG 4173.JPG IMG 4167.JPG

As I hunted murals, I also saw some shops & many breweries in the Rhino District.  I popped into the Patagonia store, ready to  buy (I don’t know why I decided this was finally the moment) a Black Hole Duffle if they had one in both the size & color I’ve been wanting.  I’ve been wanting these duffles in all three sizes & very specific colors for years, but couldn’t ever justify spending the money.  But, I’m not sure if they are going to continue to make them….they seem much harder to find this past year (along with a boatload of other things since Covid).  But, to my credit cards delight, they didn’t have any.  

IMG 4171.JPG

But, next door was 10 Barrel Brewing.  I have some good memories of this brewery out of Bend, OR when I was there doing the Bend Ale Trail.  It was only 11am, but they had an unusual beer I really like called Cucumber Crush.  It was kind in the same category as drinking a Bloody Mary I figured, so I sat at the bar & drank this super refreshing beer & had a nice conversation with the bartender.  She was asking me if I’d ever been to Meow Wolf.  I told her as a matter of fact I had a ticket for tomorrow.  Then came a story about her & her Dad & he took mushrooms before he went in & how super wild he thought it was.  She said she thought it was wild enough without the mushrooms.  I told her I was still trying to ‘come up’ to the noises, lights, traffic, people, & everything about the city vs. the wilderness.  I thought Meow Wolf would just launch me back into a whacky, colorful, crazy world….with just me & my head—no drugs required.

Then I had an appointment at The Scarf Studio.  I discovered this place last year on Instagram & immediately knew I wanted to try it.  Here’s the premise:  You print off a template from their website according to the size scarf you want.  Then you decorate the area in the square however you want—paint, chalk, water color, marker, crayon, colored pencil, scraps of paper…anything goes.  Theres also a square for your signature or any type of text you want.  So for my birthday last year, I took two of the smalll scarf templates down to Orlando with me in December.  I gave one to Claire & one to Emma & said “create something for me”.  And they did!  I brought the papers home, put it on my credit card & sent them into the studio.  There was a slight problem with the Postal Service delivering them to me & it took forever (no surprise there…you know I have no love for the USPS & they hate me as well).  But, Jennifer, the owner of The Scarf Studio was great about keeping in touch, then she reprinted the scarves & re-mailed them again.  I loved the finished product.  I’m not much of a scarf wearer, but I do wear these as it feels like a tiny hug from Claire & Emma when I’m wrapped in them.

Here’s how they turned out:  Emma's is on the left & Claire’s on the right.  I love them!

IMG 8807.jpegIMG 8808.jpeg

So, fast forward to this trip to Denver.  Since I received my scarves earlier in the year, Jennifer has opened a new studio.  I always love to look at her Instagram account & what everyone is designing.  You can also design flip flops or socks.  So, when this unexpected layover in Denver came up, I knew I wanted to go see her new place.  She had kindly offered me a free scarf since mine took an unusually long time to receive last time.  So, I showed up for my studio appointment today, excited to try something new.

There were only 4 others in the studio at the same time & they were all together celebrating a birthday for one of them.  They looked like they were having such a good timeI  wished Claire, Emma & Leia (she would love this!) could be here with me too having fun.

Jennifer explaining to us the various sizes of scarves as well as the many different techniques you can create with!  And, shes holding up the finished product.  She scans the design, then somehow gets them on the scarf with great detail. They turn out great!

IMG 4177.JPGIMG 4176.JPG

Here’s my design…I can’t wait for the actual scarf! (I’ll update my post here after I receive it & I’m back home!)

If you want to make a great & super unique gift for someone or for yourself, check out The Scarf Studio (Christmas is just around the corner!)  Or what a fun party idea to have a group over, everyone makes a design then follow up with a dinner out with everyone wearing their scarves.  

My next stop was on the same street…HA HA!  I learned today Colfax in Denver is 50 miles long & the longest continuous commercial street in America.  And I think I went on the far east side, then the west side, then back to the east side.  It seemed like I was on Colfax all day, but never close to my current stop or next stop.  And maps never took me straight down Colfax…there were always turns onto other streets, sometimes highways, & then inevitably, I would turn back onto Colfax.  It was an adventure of the city kind.

So, my next stop on Colfax was Fiction Brewery.  Super cute themed place & a good IPA with nice seating outside, until it began to sprinkle, then I moved indoors & listened to a nice band play.

IMG 4188.JPGIMG 4185.JPG

Love the tap handles!

I finished my day of fun & drove back to Sherrys.  She was cooking us dinner & wanted to make me a new drink & I had a big Bourbon County Stout to share with her.  It was a mellow but nice eveningwell, mellow for me.  After dinner I started working on my website but Sherry still had packing to do & a bunch of work to finish before she leaves town tomorrow.  Its been fun to visit with her, hear about her upcoming travels, hang out in her darling little studio apartment & discuss her latest & huge project called Capital to Capital.  Im hoping I can help her with the logistics for some of it, since I think its such a cool connection for her & her Dad.  But, its really a HUGE undertaking!

Day 55 8.15
We got up early this morning & I dropped Sherry off at the train station & that would take her to the airport for her next work trip (I can’t wait to read about it!)  I’d never been inside the Denver train station but I’d read about it on Sherry’s website…so I parked & went inside to check it out.

It was very cool inside, but much smaller than I expected.  I really haven’t been inside too many rail stations, but the one in Kansas City is HUGE compared to this one.  But, I think Denver probably does a much better job with public transportation than KC does.  

I’ve had beer flights, wine flights. one mead flight & even a bourbon flight, but this is my first pancake flight.  There was a sweet potato pancake, a pineapple upside down pancake & a strawberry cream coconut pancake.  I ate 1/2 of each & took the rest for my lunch.  This was from Snooze, which has a place inside the Denver train station. (I think my patio umbrella was orange which is why this photo came out the same color…the pancakes were really the color of …pancakes.)

IMG 4195.JPG

When I’d planned my spring trip earlier this year to New Mexico, one thing I wanted to do was visit Meow Wolf art collaboration in Sante Fe.  Well, if you follow this website, you know that trip got cancelled when I caught Covid.  So, when I realized I’d be in Denver for a couple of extra days, I booked a ticket for first thing Monday morning.  I had no idea what to expect.

It’s one of those experiences you need to have yourself…but here’s the only way I can explain it (if you want a better explanation, you can read how it came to be, including the name & the story behind the exhibit).  But here’s my attempt:

Crazy, colorful, textured, many doors to open, getting lost is a high probability, chaotic, some things make you smile, some things you have not idea what it is…most things I had no idea what it is, try every door, every button, some walls, crawl into rooms, enjoy eye numbing light rooms, there’s sounds too, you’re just let out of the elevator & told to go explore, the many kids looked like they were having a blast, there are no windows in the place but many many rooms….just go, see & let me know what you think.  I’m super glad I went.  I’m so glad there is a place for art & expression like this…we should never take this for granted.  Even if we don’t always understand it, but theres something for everyone to get, explore & enjoy.  

IMG 4198.JPGIMG 4209.JPG IMG 4199.JPG IMG 4200.JPGIMG 4216.JPG

IMG 4221.JPG

Not sure why, but this castle was one of my favorite things to walk in & out of.  I was thinking how much Claire & Emma would love to run in & out of this place!

Meow Wolfs are permanent installations & there are currently three of them; Santa Fe, NM, Las Vegas NV & here in Denver.  Just go sometime if you can.

Next stop, Boulder.  I took the scenic route & got to chat with Luke for a bit along the way.  Both good things.  As I pulled into Boulder, wondering if I could fit in a little hike, the skies grew dark & it began to sprinkle.  On to Plan B.

The Pearl Street Pedestrian Mall was as empty as I’ve ever seen it & the students are in the process of coming back this week.  And, this photo was shot before the downpour of rain & thunderstorms began.  I visited my fave shops here…Prana, Fjallraven, Patagonia & The North Face.  I love looking at gear & jackets.  I have a love of down jackets…but its a good thing I don’t need anymore.  And, no Black Hole Duffle at this Patagonia store either.

I was set to meet my friend Joanie who works at CU Boulder after she got off work.  But, my trip down Pearl Street didn’t last very long, so I had some time to kill.  I Googled until I found the place I wanted to visit called Rayback Collective.  I wasn’t sure what it was, but it turned out to be a huge old warehouse, with tons of tables, chairs, a couch & comfort chair spread around with tons of electrical outlets so everyone can plug in a laptop & work…a few people were just visiting, but it looked like most were working.

 took in my laptop & got to work on my website.  It looked like a productive but easy going atmosphere. The cool thing about this place is they serve coffee & coffee  drinks, tea, cocktails &  a good selection of craft beer.  I loved my cocktail…a Whiskey Smash made with Palisade peach infused whiskey, some mint & I’m not sure what else, but it was great!

IMG 4227.JPGIMG 4228.JPG

A couple of hours later I still wasn’t caught up with the website, but it was time to meet Joanie & I was super excited to see her!

We met at BJs Brewhouse & caught up quickly on our lives, our kids, our grandkids, our travels, our wishlists & possibly some hiking &/or travel together in the future.  We always have a great time & so much to talk about.

After a couple of hours, some good food & a beer, we both hugged goodbye & I took off back to Denver & she to Longmont.  Sherry had graciously & generously given me a key to her place to stay as long as I was in town.  I was grateful for a warm dry place to crash tonight for sure!

Day 56 8.16
Technically it’s not my last day in Denver, but it mostly is.  I leave early in the morning…but I’m not headed back to Kansas yet (I know my cats hate me more than ever!)

I had a list of stuff to get done before early tomorrow morning.  So I made coffee & already got an hour behind my self inflicted schedule.  But it was pouring down rain, so there was no wanting to find a hike.  I made a gazillion trips out to my car getting it ready to abandon for the next week.  I packed a different bag, I did laundry, I continued to work on my website.  When I felt like I needed a break, I took off up the road to eat at one of my favorite places in Denver…Hops & Pie.  They have such a great beer selection & super yummy food.

I had 3 different beers, but each only a baby (3oz) pour….all very good.  It was mid day so it was super mellow inside & the staff at the bar was fun to visit with.  I had a Blind Pig, a Pliny for President & a Barrel Aged Strong Ale by Southern Jewel.

IMG 4243.JPG
IMG 4236.JPGIMG 4247.JPG

So freakin good Thai Chile Pulled Pork sandwich with a side of their home made pickles…yum yum yum yum!  I took 1/2 of it back to the apartment for dinner.

IMG 4238.JPG

I drove back to Sherry’s place under drippy cloudy skies & continued to get my list marked off.

The night has turned out fairly nice, but I doubt I’ll go out for a walk.  I just want to say again, I am super grateful to Sherry for letting me stay here while I’m in Denver.  This is my last update for my wonderful long summer in Colorado, but not quite my last words. Here they are…

I’m probably guilty of writing in too much detail for this website, Instagram & Facebook.  I try to add beautiful photos & give you an idea of what it’s like to live outside, hike in wonderful places, meet some of my friends & just in general, travel along with me if you choose too.

All I have really left to say about this summer, is how lucky & grateful I feel to have spent so much time in this majestic state.  I’m not sure, but it’s probably the longest I’ve been out here in the past 15 years for one solid stretch…& I really, really loved it.  I’m so happy I am able to do this…physically, mentally & to have the time.  I never take it for granted.  It’s been one amazing summer filled to the brim with hiking, photography, good friends, wonderful conversations, more time spent with Danny out here than ever before, fantastic alpenglow & night skies.  I’ve missed some of the places I used to frequent, but if theres one thing I’m learning over & over each & everyday as I get older, is that life constantly changes, we have very little control of what happens, no control over other people or sometimes relationships, time is moving at warp speed, we can learn new things, adjust our ways to meet other possibilities & let go of what isn’t working anymore.

Sending out happiness to everyone….I’ve been filled with happy all summer long!

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