One last trip this year Emma & Claire…December, 2023

I hadn’t seen the girls since they came to Kansas last July.   It’s so hard to have much of a relationship over the phone & we’re missing so much of them growing up.  My whole summer has been spent in hospitals, Doctors offices, testing, testing, & more testing & feeling awful.  I started getting better in September, took my first solo trip in October, then relapsed  when I passed out & fractured my foot in October.  It’s been a long sucky horrible 8 months..not the worst in my life but I’d rank it #2 (& I mean that literally & figuratively) .  But, I’m slowly getting better & I’m super grateful for that.  So, it was time to head south & see these precious little girls.  

It had been a big day the day BEFORE I arrived.  They finally got to move back into their home since the flood forced them out in August, 2022.  It’s been such a long time & so very stressful for all of them.  But, their home is gorgeous!  And while not 100% finished, & there are still lots of boxes to unpack & things to put away, it was so great to see them all back HOME!

So, here we go…ready to have a week of fun, laughter, hugs, creativity, & joy!

I already had Sara & Kevins Christmas gifts delivered to the house & I took a bunch of fun gift wrapping stuff.  The girls & I spent a bit of time playing around & wrapping everything.  They did a great job!

Claire & Emma enjoyed opening their presents early from their Uncles, Leia & Jordan.  They always get the girls Lego Advent Calendars…they’re really cool & these girls love Lego just as much as their Uncles did when they were little.

Diamond painting!  They do this all the time.  It requires sooooo much patience, but I’m glad they enjoy it.

Claire loves to play school…& she likes it as detailed as any real school day & I’m not a good teacher (too many rules!).  We had the whole class set up & were in period two, when Sara asked the girls if they wanted to bake muffins & just like that…school was OUT!  (YAY!  It’s definitely not my fave thing to play, I have to refrain from being snarky.  But Claire loves it…so, that’s enough of a reason for me to always say yes …& its way better than “hospital” where I never get better & this year…I’ve had enough hospitals & sickness for sure!).

They loved these silly hand holding socks I bought them.

They have a house near their neighborhood with one million lights!  Wow…this was sooo cool.  If I lived here I’d come back a few times…it was pretty fantastic!

Claire made this cute toy for my cats for Christmas!

Emma chose her cute outfit for a birthday party she was heading to this afternoon.

Claire & I played the most fun chess game I’ve ever played!  This kid version I got her last year is just the perfect level for me….seriously.

They got out the Christmas tree & put on a ton of ornaments!  It looks really pretty from the outside too.

After going out for Mexican one night, we walked up to Lake Eola & saw all the pretty Christmas lights & festivities they had going on.

IMG 5717.JPG IMG 5725.JPGIMG 5728.JPGIMG 5721.JPG

Never too much ice cream for these two!  We made two trips to their favorite local ice cream shop & had these snowmen ice cream bars too.

IMG 5637.JPG IMG 5576.JPG

Emma all snuggled in the temporary book nook.

There was lots of baking going on.  Their wonderful neighbor gave the girls a bag filled with goodies to bake, fun spatulas & these darling aprons.  They have fantastic neighbors & I know they missed them while they were in the rentalso good to be back home!

IMG 5696.JPG IMG 5698.JPG
IMG 5766.JPG IMG 5764.JPG

My new fashion accessory was a great source of creativity for us one morning.  I’d brought all my sharpies & we got busy.  Later that night we added some glow to it!  (I thought I’d be getting my lovely colorful boot off the afternoon I returned home.  But, instead, I get to wear this one of a kind boot for another four weeks..ugh!)

IMG 5776.JPG

IMG 5760.JPG

The girls are of course excited for Christmas & all the fun that brings!  

This year Danny & I are pretty stoked too since our family is coming home for Christmas...We’ve not all been together for five years & since this will likely be the last Christmas in this house, they all wanted to be here one last time.  I can’t wait!

Happy Christmas everyone!

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