Road Trip & Claire…Florida 1.2015                                            

Originally, this trip was scheduled for January 24...a fast flight to Florida with Danny & his mother to meet & spend a week with our first grand baby!  We’d had it booked since early December.

But Sara went into labor & delivered 9 days early, having a healthy beautiful baby on January 3.  How on earth could I wait that long to meet this adorable child?  Sara suggested I might want to drive & three days later, I was on the road! 

I left at 3am on Sunday, January 11 trying to bust it through St. Louis before a predicted ice storm hit.  I’ve never taken a long winter road trip, but heading south I was soooo stoked to be traveling again!  I made it to Nashville, with no weather problems.  Walked around their “music row” for a bit stretching my legs.  I’ve been through here before & this would just be a quick stop.  Pucketts was the place recommended to me to have some good Nashville chow, so off I walked to find it.

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