Claire...Florida 1.2015                                  

January 3, about 10 am Claire Anna was born!  She’s perfect.  Words can’t describe how precious she is, our love for her, or everyone’s happiness.  I am so content to hold & just stare at her....& I take an occasional photo or two as well.  So this is Claire’s page....this is what the trip is really about! 

I loved every minute of my time with Claire & Sara.  It was great just having down time to visit with Sara.  Phyllis & Danny enjoyed their visit too spending as much time as possible with Claire.  After six days, it was time for Danny & Phyllis to fly back...a few tears shed by all & promises to return as soon as possible.  The next morning it was time for me to leave...which was sooooo hard.  My eyes leaked, my heart was heavy, but I so cherish the time I spent with them both & felt so fortunate to have been able to make the trip down & for having the opportunity of time to spend with Claire at the beginning of her life.

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